panzanella salad

Panzanella Salad

panzanella salad


I love this salad which makes good use of left over bread. Any country crusty type bread around 2 day old, slightly past its best works great here. For vegans you can use Clearspring Organic Red Wine Vinegar.


Prep Time: 10minutes

Rest Time: 30minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Serves 6


  • 200 g country crusty bread (1 to 2 days old)
  • 3 large tomatoes
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 small red onion
  • 175ml olive oil
  • 2-3 tbsp of red wine vinegar
  • 1 small bunch of basil (shredded)
  • jar of 290g of kalamata olives (optional)
  • salt & pepper


  1. Cut the bread into 2.5cm (1 inch) cubes.
  2. Cut each tomatoes in 8 slices.
  3. Cut cucumber in 1cm (1/2 inch) cubes.
  4. Slice red onion finely.
  5. Mix all the vegetables and the bread in a large salad bowl.
  6. In a separate bowl prepare the dressing by mixing olive oil and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Add the dressing to the vegetable and bread mix. Toss well so that the bread is well coated.
  8. Add olives plus shredded basil. Toss well to mix.
  9. Let rest for 30mins before serving.
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