Redemption: Alcohol-Free, Meat-Free Sunday Bar


Redemption @ Netil 360

Redemption is a new alcohol-free, meat-free Sunday Bar concept launching in London Sunday 21st of July at Netil House. In September, Redemption will open a permanent location a Trellick Tower in West London.

Redemption aims to challenge the idea that you need alcohol to have a good time. According to its website, Redemption will serve “a range of classy mocktails, fruit infusions, teas and coffees, we’ll be serving super-healthy food, including desserts that are good for you. We’re not going to harm or kill animals to create our food; we are going to source things locally and, where possible, organically.”

The launch party next Sunday promises an “all-day event with laidback tunes, super-nutritious fayre, mocktails and guilt-free desserts. Perfectly aligned with our vision for the roof – it is zero-waste, leave-no-trace, and they’ll even operate a community kitchen making use of food that would otherwise go to waste.”

With Netil’s stunning 360° panoramic views of London, we cannot think of a better place to launch this exciting project.

Join the party on Redemption Facebook Event Page



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