The Great Vegan Bake Off

The Great Vegan Bake Off

The Great Vegan Bake Off

Reblogged from Peta – There are so many delicious vegan baked goods, such as doughnuts and apple strudel, on supermarket shelves, but sometimes homemade treats really take the cake.

So Peta are launching The Great Vegan Bake Off, a search for the most mouth-watering vegan baked goods in Britain and Ireland! Preheat your oven and start planning your pies, cakes, scones, biscuits or whatever else you bake best. If you are new to vegan baking, don’t worry – check out PETA US’ database of delicious recipes to inspire you.

Entering is easy – just bake something that looks delicious and is free of animal products and either post the recipe and pictures on your blog or website and send the URL to Contest@peta.org.uk or e-mail the picture and recipe directly to Peta. Please put “VEGAN BAKE-OFF” in the subject line and enter before 20 October at 12 midnight.

Peta will pick the baked goods they think look the tastiest and post a blog with all the finalists on 24 October. Then, there will be two weeks of voting, ending on 31 October. The entry with the most votes will be crowned the winner and announced on 6 November! The winner gets bragging rights for being Peta’s choice for greatest vegan baker, along with the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from sharing his or her delicious recipe with the world.

So get baking!

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