Empty Cupboard Recipes: 5 Fun Ways Granola Can Save Your Supper

Empty Cupboard Recipes: 5 Fun Ways Granola Can Save Your Supper

Jordan Granola

Many people don’t feel like cooking an evening meal after a long day at work, but when you have a
hungry family clamouring for food there really is no alternative. The trouble is that if you open up
the cupboard and discover that one or two key ingredients are missing, your meal plan could well be
ruined. But don’t despair! To save your midweek supper, why not try cooking with some less
conventional ingredients like granola? Granola is so versatile that it can be used in place of many
different ingredients, ensuring everyone can enjoy a tasty dinner even if it’s not what you’d
originally planned!

Granola Stuffing
When a recipe calls for stuffing in the form of breadcrumbs, but you don’t have enough spare bread,
granola can make an excellent substitute. You can use granola to stuff pretty much anything, but it is
particularly tasty when used to stuff chicken or pork. Mix your granola with some dried apricots and
add to your stuffing recipe – the end result will be deliciously tasty with a hint of sweetness.

Granola Cheesecake
You’ve promised to make your best cheesecake for a supper party, but the digestive biscuits seem to
have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. Don’t worry – this is not a problem when you have granola in your
cupboard as it can be crushed and mixed with melted butter to make a tasty cheesecake base. Once
you have the base, simply add the rest of the ingredients and voilà! A deliciously nutty cheesecake
with a tasty crunchy base that your guests will adore.

Granola Flapjacks
If you have run out of rolled oats but need to whip up some flapjacks for a charity bakesale, granola
is the perfect choice. Simply substitute some Jordans Simply Granola for oats and continue with the
recipe as normal. The granola will add plenty of flavour, texture and nutritional oomph to your
flapjacks, thus guaranteeing that they sell out in a short space of time. You can even coat them in
chocolate if you want to make a truly impressive treat.

Cheat’s Desserts
Dinner parties can be an absolute nightmare if you run out of ideas and inspiration. You probably
have the main course all sewn up, but what happens if your soufflé collapses at the final hurdle and
you don’t have anything in reserve? Fear not because there is a solution. All you need to make a
really simple yet stunningly delicious dessert is four glasses, some double cream, fruit and granola.
Whisk the cream until it is nice and thick and then layer it in your glasses with fruit and granola. Top
with some fruit and grated chocolate. All in all this dessert will take about five minutes to prepare,
so you have plenty of spare time to dress up and greet your guests.

Salad Granola Garnish
Forget the croutons – Granola can be used as a quick and tasty salad garnish, which is perfect if you
don’t have time to fiddle around making them and you forgot to stop at the store to buy some.
Jordans’ new Simply Granola is perfect for this – just sprinkle granola over your salad and serve

Keep a bag of granola in your kitchen cupboard and you won’t ever run out of ways to salvage your
kitchen disasters!


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