Take Healthy Route To Look Gorgeous And Fit With Teami 30 Day Detox Tea

Take Healthy Route To Look Gorgeous And Fit With Teami 30 Day Detox Tea

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Who does not wish to have a body that is fit, good looking as well as healthy? Though all of us dream of celebrity looking body but majority of us fail to get the same due lack of proper exercise, poor eating habits and many other reasons. But if you are among those category of people who have sweat hard in the gym, adopted multiple diets and tried all types of products and means to get shaped body but have not got the desired results then it is the time to switch to something really effective like Teami 30 day Detox Tea. Yes, this product will not only help you to have a well shaped body but will also keep you healthy and fit.

What is Teami 30 day Detox Tea?

When it comes to health, detoxification is the most important aspect and this product does the same. As the same suggest, Teami 30 day Detox Tea is a detox tea that helps to flush out the unwanted toxins from your body and improves your metabolism thus leading to fit and healthy body. Regular use of the tea improves the working of your overall body functions and thus also helps to burn the calories at a faster rate. The Teami 30 day Detox Tea is a pack which includes 2 products as follows:

  • 30 days supply of Skinny loose-leaf tea (Teami Skinny)
  • 15 Colon cleansing tea bags (Teami Colon Cleanse)

The details of these products are given below

Teami Skinny:

Teami Skinny tea is made using the natural ingredients like Oolong, lime leaf extract, ginger root, rhubarb root, dandelion leaf and yerba mate that helps to cleanse the organs of the body thus boosting your metabolism. Regular use of this tea helps in weight management by suppressing the appetite and burning calories and fat. Other benefits of this tea include reduced bloating, regulation of blood sugar levels, assisting in food digestion, converting food to energy, improving health of the skin and many others. This skinny tea can be taken as many times as you want in a day as it does not cause any laxative effect.

Teami Colon Cleanse:

The other product in the 30 day pack is a colon cleanse tea which works by purifying your body by cleaning it inside out. The tea is made using natural ingredients like lotus leaf, valerian root, senna leaf & root, lime leaf & extract, psyllium husk seed, calcaratus seed and others. In today’s world, the toxins in our body are mainly caused due to widespread pollution, processed food items and harsh chemicals. This colon cleansing tea works right here by cleaning the digestive tract and organs of the body of these accumulated toxins. One of the major reasons for slow digestion and poor weight management is the accumulation of toxins in the colon and this tea works effectively on both these areas of concern.

So if you are also looking forward to have a healthy, fit and toxin free body then just go for the Teami 30 day Detox Tea pack. The tea is also safe for the ones who have various food allergies as it is GMO free, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free.

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