5 Easy Ways To Save Money When Healthy Eating

5 Easy Ways To Save Money When Healthy Eating

5 easy ways to save money when healthy eating

More people are beginning to change their eating habits and are trying to eat healthier foods. An article in the Mirror online explains that a study published by the Cambridge University in October 2014, estimates that eating healthily can cost three times more than eating junk food. There are many ways to overcome this cost and five of these examples are listed below.

Grow your own

One of the best ways to eat well and save money at the same time is to grow your own fruit and vegetables. If you visit the Ashridge website you’ll see a wide variety available, from apples to pears and plum trees. These will not only help with your five a day, but can be frozen and used during the winter months for pies and deserts. Growing vegetables all year round can save you a vast amount of money and doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Plan your meals

Before you go shopping you should work out a menu for each day. This will prevent you from buying more food than you need and stop you wasting more than is necessary. The NHS Livewell website estimates that the average family wastes £60 a month by throwing food away. Another easy way to make your meals go further is to reduce the amount of meat you add to a dish and top it up with extra vegetables. This will not only be healthier but will also save you money on expensive cuts of meat.

Cooking with pulses

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless. If you buy dried beans, pulses or lentils try and make sure they are from the previous year’s crop, but remember that before you use them you must soak them. Some people prefer tinned beans so that they don’t have to worry about soaking. They can be used for most dishes and vegetarians around the world thrive on them.

Buy cheap cuts and reduced items

If you’re planning a meal using meat you can buy cheap cuts and cook for longer than usual, or if you are thinking of making a fish pie you can go to your fishmonger and ask for some of the off-cuts from the fillets. Another healthy but cheap way to shop is to wait until the supermarket or shop is about to close and buy any last minute deals and freeze them. You can also cook extra portions and freeze them for use in the future. Just remember to date the containers before you put them away.

Baking your own bread

For some people the thought of home baking fills them with fear, but there are some very simple recipes available online. As long as you weigh everything out correctly and allow the mixture to prove for long enough the outcome should be amazing. You can buy everything you need from your local shop and once you have made your first loaf you’ll soon be addicted. Trial and error will allow you to experiment with different toppings and seeds. Making your own is much healthier and a lot cheaper.

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