10 Kitchen Accessories You NEED In Your Home

10 Kitchen Accessories You NEED In Your Home

10 Kitchen Accessories You NEED In Your Home

There’s a case to be made for the kitchen being the most important room in your house. It’s where you cook, clearly, but can be about more than just that – the beating heart of your home as you experiment with new recipes and entertain guests.

But any good kitchen needs the right equipment. Here are the ten accessories you need to kit out your kitchen:

KitchenAid: Other kitchen mixers are available but they might as well not be. The KitchenAid has conquered all and is now an essential part of your armoury. And Nigella uses one too.

Spiraliser: Haven’t got a spiraliser yet? Where have you been? These devices are all the rage and, as well as being handy chopping devices, help transform healthy veg into a tasty spaghetti.

Range cooker: It’s time to up the ante. A standard cooker just won’t do – a range is what you need to improve your cooking and baking outcomes. The likes of Viking or La Cornue have ranges up to six feet wide that will form a formidable cornerpiece for your kitchen.

iKettle: Who said modern technology was for other rooms? The iKettle connects to your Wi-Fi and an app on your smartphone, meaning that you can get it to boil up for you when you wake up in the morning or are on the way home from work so it’s ready for you.

Dining table: Don’t overlook the need for class in the kitchen too. When browsing the pages of How To Spend It for luxury items with which to fill your home, it’s important to consider this room too, especially if your kitchen space – as in many homes – doubles as a dining room too. An elegant dining room table and chairs are a must.

Lighting: Don’t underestimate the power of lighting right through your house. This can enhance a space and set a subtle tone. In the kitchen floor strip lighting under units and under-cupboard lighting can have a practical benefit as well being aesthetically appealing.

Prep Pad: Forget simple scales, these are the future. This pad not only allows you to weigh your items but also assess their nutritional and dietary contents.

Launch port: Found a good recipe online? Want to have it to hand as you follow it? Not keen on smothering your expensive iPad in cooking ingredients? This is the solution. Slide your device onto a LaunchPort and you can wall mount it or use it as a stand. It also charges your device to avoid the need for cables dangling in your way.

Smart fridge: The latest fridges, like the kettle earlier, embrace new smart technology – connecting to the internet to help you re-stock items you’ve used up or tap into recipes that make the most of your ingredients.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop: This last one might not be available yet, but Whirlpool’s Interactive Cooktop is so impressive that it’s worth preparing now to make it the next big addition to your kitchen. This is a surface that you can cook on but also doubles as an interactive ‘screen’, allowing you to access recipes and social media accounts. Interactive technology never tasted so good.


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