Get Fit and Appy - 5 Fitness Apps

Get Fit and Appy – 5 Fitness Apps

Get Fit & Appy

The world of fitness has become more intense than ever with thousands of fitness apps flooding the marketplace. There’s literally no excuse not to join the get fit club in 2015. If you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, and if the option of a personal trainer is not viable, then these fitness apps may be the most ideal solution for you! These fitness apps will help keep you motivated, provide you with the foundations of a fitness education and hopefully help you feel empowered throughout your fitness journey. We understand that selecting one isn’t the easiest task, so today we share our top five picks from the thousands out there. These apps are selected on the basis that they are good for beginners and help provide both nutrition and exercise motivation.

1. Couch To 5k
Running is a fantastic solo activity, which requires no complex machinery or previous skills. All you need is a good pair of trainers and a good route mapped out in your nearby park. (Oh, and the UK weather to be on side!) Couch to 5K is a great app for beginners, and as the name suggests its aim is to turn couch potatoes into running enthusiasts in just 9 weeks. Sponsored by the NHS, the app is free and coaches you through each stage of your run. You very gradually build up the time spent running and you aren’t forced to listen to the apps playlist. It allows you to select your own motivational playlist.

2. Strava  
If you have a bit of running experience under your belt and are driven by facts, stats and a bit of healthy competition then you can notch things up a gear with the Strava Running and Cycling app, which is also free. This app helps you measure everything related to your run from the time taken, the calories burned, the distance run and your overall speed. It will congratulate you when you set a new personal best and it will let you challenge your friends once you have built up your confidence.

3. Pact
We all know that your overall progress depends not only on your fitness level but what and how often you are eating. Many of us lack the willpower to control our eating habits, but there are some fantastic apps that will help you keep track of every bite. Pact is a revised app launched this year that helps keep you motivated by putting your cash at stake.  You pay up for every workout session you miss or for every portion of veggies that you don’t eat and you make money each time you stick to your plans! If you’re money motivated this may be the fitness app for you.

4. Chew
Another new and powerful app that may help you keep off the extra calories is chew. This app does exactly what the name suggests. It helps you to chew your food slowly, exactly as we were told to do when we were kids. In todays fast paced world we are all too used to guzzling down a meal in record time. This app sets a timer for your meal and lets you know when you are ready for your next bite, helping you to control your food consumption and acknowledge the feeling of being full.

5. Fooducate
Our final and most favoured 2015 app has to be Fooducate. We always encourage our clients to carefully monitor what they eat, and this app makes it super easy! All you need to do is scan the barcode of a food item and you will receive a full breakdown of the ingredients, the nutritional content and a rating from letter A to D of its healthiness. It will even suggest healthier alternatives. Give it a go on your next grocery shop!


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