Your Top 5 Recipes For 2015

Your Top 5 Recipes For 2015

Your Top 5 Recipes For 2015 v800

2015 has gone in a flash and I wanted to thank you for all your support. My motivation to start this blog was to share my experience and hope to encourage others to eat less meat to help strengthen a healthier and more sustainable food future. I am so glad to see more and more people embracing the flexitarian diet. I hope many more will join us in 2016.

Looking back at this year’s most popular recipes, they are as last year’s Top 5  all . . . vegan. Before starting the blog, I found the term “vegan” quite daunting. I would have never guessed that vegan food can be so delicious and satisfying. These days I eat a lot of vegan food and feel so much healthier for it.

I love all the recipes below so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Let me know what’s yours in the comments box below.

Wishing all a very happy & healthy 2016.

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Spinach & Bean Chipotle Casserole [vegan]

Spinach & Beans Chipotle Casserole [vegan] by The Flexitarian


Love making this casserole for a quick and easy dinner. A truly hearty dish loaded with iron and protein.



Spiced Pumpkin Waffles [vegan]

Spiced Pumpkin Waffles [vegan]


I love my No Mess Waffle Maker by Heston Blumenthal and love making these. Perfect breakfast or brunch that the whole family can enjoy.



Curried Brussels Sprouts Soup [vegan]

curried brussels sprouts soup


Curry and Brussels sprouts might sound an odd couple but it works. Garam massala is very fragrant and it blends nicely against the Brussels sprouts flavour. One of my favourite Winter soup.



Mediterranean Sandwich [vegan]

Mediterranean Sandwich [vegan] by The Flexitarian

 Already in my Top 5 in 2014, I am glad to see that this sandwich is still one of your favourites.



Chocolate Courgette Cake [vegan]

Chocolate Courgette Cake

Also in my Top 5 for 2014, this delicious chocolate courgette cake is a perfect example of how delicious vegan baking can be. Pure indulgence!

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