Redesigning My Kitchen With Homify

Redesigning My Kitchen With Homify

Homify Feb 2016

Since starting The Flexitarian one thing has become obvious: my kitchen is in need of a full makeover. Cupboards and worktops are bursting with the latest gadgets and samples (one of the perks of food blogging) and drawers are over-filled with herbs, spices, nuts and seeds. Doing a lot of food photography, I am always on the lookout for new props and tableware in different colours, sizes and styles. The kitchen has become too small and too impractical, driving everyone in the family crazy.

Since Christmas I have been on the lookout for the latest designs and storage ideas to suit our needs. Getting a new kitchen can be expensive and not something we do very often, so I need to get this right. While my husband has pretty much given me “carte blanche” (within budget of course), I need to make sure that the new design will suit everyone’s needs. In our house, the kitchen is not just a functional room where we prepare meals but also a place where we spend a lot of our family time. Ideally, I would like to do some shuffling around to get some practical cooking space but also some living space.

Coincidentally, I was approached last week by Homify, a website where you can find home ideas and inspiration spanning from high-end architectural designs to DIY projects.

Browsing Homify, I was instantly seduced by the breadth of styles and ideas for every room in the house and outdoors, plus “wouldn’t-that-be-nice” extras such as pools, spas, wine cellars and even yachts & jets! There is also a product section for home accessories and a magazine section taking a closer look at individual projects.

After lingering in the Home Gym section, I was kindly reminded  by my husband that I should focus on the task at hand.

Homify offers kitchen ideas from the four corners of the globe. There are thousands of pictures to browse and you can narrow your search to your favourite style(s) and chosen country. There is a lot of continental inspiration which makes a nice change from looking at solely British styles.

Choosing a new kitchen is difficult. The choices are endless, so amongst the thousands of pictures shown on Homify I started an ideabook bookmarking my favourite spaces to save time and effort. This is helping me to narrow down my thoughts about our perfect kitchen without having to sift through stacks of magazines.

Whatever your home project, Homify is a very useful tool that can help you find inspiration and connect with designers, architects or individual suppliers.

A Collaborative Post with Homify

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