Supermarket Money Saving Tips

Supermarket Money Saving Tips

Supermarket Money Saving Tips V800

Eating less meat, and only buying better quality meat, means that many of us following a flexitarian diet are finding our weekly food bills look a little different than they used to. Perhaps you’ve found your grocery shopping cheaper since you made the change, or maybe you’re happily spending more on other ingredients to prepare meals you hadn’t even dreamed of! Either way, keeping an eye on the finances and budget planning is something we can all relate to, which is where help from the likes of the Money Advice Service comes in handy. As a matter of fact, the results of their recent survey has caught our attention…

Did you know that 31% of people who make unplanned purchases ended up buying extra fruit and veg? This is absolutely fine (and probably a very good thing) if you can afford to and will actually use the produce, but it’s a figure that got us thinking: we all need to be more mindful about how we shop. Check out the cost cutting tips from the Money Advice Service’s survey below – we like the idea of going ‘own brand’ and ‘paying in cash’ in particular. What about you?

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