Going Meat Free in May with COOK's Frozen Vegetarian Range

Going Meat Free in May with COOK’s Frozen Vegetarian Range

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I first got to experience COOK‘s meals after my daughter was born. At the time, I was given one of their gift voucher by a friend. What a fantastic present for a new mum. I filled up my freezer with COOK’s delicious hand-prepared meals. A real life saver at a time when I was trying to juggle work, a 2 1/2 year old and a new baby.

So, when a few weeks ago, I heard that COOK was launching three new meat-free dishes in support of Meat Free May, I jumped at the chance of reviewing them.

‘When we started COOK nearly 20 years ago, vegetarian food wasn’t on our radar at all. But these days I’m not the chest-beating Neanderthal I once was. Eating a little less meat – even if that just means switching to a vegetarian option once a week – is simply a good thing to do. Good for your health. Good for the environment. Good for your wallet.’
Edward Perry, COOK founder and managing director

There was a lot of excitement receiving my box of COOK’s goodies, which included the following selection of four vegetarian meals:

Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Curry

My first meal was this curry made from oven roasted peppers with cauliflower and spinach in a gently spiced chickpea and lentil sauce. Served with rice, it was absolutely delicious. The generous helping made for a very satisfying dinner.

Chilli con Veggie

Chile con Veggie

I love chili and this dish was very tasty. I never had soya mince before. It was perfect here with the kidney beans and sweetcorn. Another healthy and enjoyable meal.

Veggie Cottage Pie

Veggie Cottage Pie

Vegetarian cottage pie does not get any better than this. This recipe includes aubergines, carrots and lentils in a rich red wine gravy topped with sweet potato mash. This meat-free version makes a hearty and delicious alternative to a traditional meat version.

Satay Vegetables

Satay Vegetables

Last but not least, this was my favourite meal of all. Roasted red peppers, broccoli and baby sweetcorn in a cashew nut butter satay sauce. Do I need to say more?! So fragrant and delicious. While I love peanuts, I did not miss them at all as the cashews work extremely well here.

After four dinners, my belly was left full, satisfied and feeling healthy. Sometimes you do not often get from prepared meals. All dishes had a true feel and taste of homemade, which is ideal when you are looking for quality convenience food. I felt good knowing that COOK prepare all their frozen food by hand in a big kitchen in Kent much like I would at home.

COOK full range of frozen ready meals, entertaining food, puddings and cakes is available in 82 branded shops across the UK as well as in more than 400 independent shops. You can also order directly through their website for home delivery. Don’t forget that this month, you can enjoy 15% off COOK’s Veggie Meals on COOK’s website. Happy Meat Free May!



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