Top Chomps - The Fun Way To Learn About Your 5-a-day

Top Chomps – The Fun Way To Learn About Your 5-a-day

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A few months ago, I received some sets of Top Chomps to try out. The timing could not have been more perfect as, this year, I have been working as a school Cook Club tutor with Sutton People’s Kitchen. Our aim is to engage kids and parents to cook from scratch and learn what a balanced diet is all about.

Based on the popular “Top Trumps”, Top Chomps is a fun and educational card game where children can learn about healthy eating. Over the course of the 6-week Cook Club, we talk a lot about making sure we eat at least 5 fruit and vegetables a day and Top Chomps was the perfect recreational activity to reinforce that message.

Top Chomps includes 2 packs (one for fruits and the other for vegetables) of 44 high quality plastic coated cards each. The engaging and dynamic game format aims to help children age 7-14 to learn about nutrition.

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Diet related diseases are on the rise. The cost to the NHS for treating obesity and related illnesses runs into the billions (obesity about £5 billion and type 2 diabetes £8 billion). A worrying 30% of children are now officially classified as being obese in the UK. Lack of exercise and over-reliance on processed food are often to blame.

Learning about healthy eating is essential to maintaining long-term health.

Top Chomps includes data on key nutrients such as vitamins, iron and calcium as well as fibre. Each card also include some educational information such as which part of the plant we actually eat as well as why each nutrient is beneficial.


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The learning outcomes are as follows

  • To understand that food is a basic requirement of life and that a variety of food is needed to grow, be active and maintain health
  • To understand that we need to eat a balanced diet to keep us healthy
  • To understand there are no good or bad foods; it’s all about moderation and balance
  • To recognise that different fruits and vegetables contain essential elements to healthy growth and nutrition
  • To adopt positive attitudes to eating fruit and vegetables
  • To recognise the need to eat five or more portions a day
  • To recognise that fruit and vegetables are an essential part of the Eatwell Plate
  • To be able to identify a portion of fruit or vegetables
  • To know that eating different colours of fruits and vegetables gives us the variety of micronutrients that we need for a healthy lifestyle

With the supervision of an adult, Top Chomps cards are a very valuable asset to help children learn about healthy eating. Aside from the Cook Club, we also played it at home with my kids who have really enjoyed it.

You can buy Top Chomps cards as individual sets or as classroom sets. Buying a classroom set will also allow you access to the extensive range of teaching resources.

See us below playing Top Chomps at home.

To find out more about Top Chomps please visit their website here.

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