Organic Matcha by Love Green Teas

Enjoying Delicious Organic Matcha by Love Green Teas

Organic Matcha by Love Green Teas

It is hard not to be fascinated by Matcha. Its gorgeous ceremonial accessories and superior health benefits have propelled the green tea powder into one of the trendiest foods. Originally used in traditional tea ceremonies in China and Japan, Matcha is now found across the globe claiming its own dedicated bars in places like New York, London and Paris.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Love Green Teas to review their organic Japanese Matcha. Based in Edinburgh, the company is run by Kevin Thomson. A true enthusiast, Kevin sources a small range of premium green teas grown by private Japanese farmers who excel in the art of tea.

No fancy packaging, my Matcha arrived in an airtight foil pouch packed in a simple cardboard sleeve. The first thing I noticed was that the powder is a much deeper green than the other brands I have tried in the past. Stoneground to less than 10 microns, it also had a smooth and deep green taste.





Matcha actually means “powdered tea” and while it harvested from the same tree as green tea, Matcha is processed and drunk differently.

When preparing green tea, leaves are steeped in hot water before being filtered out. However, for Matcha, the best leaves are handpicked, steamed and ground to a fine powder which is then mixed into a hot liquid. The whole leaf (and all its benefits) is therefore ingested.

What are the health benefits of Matcha?
Matcha is said to boast plenty of antioxidants essential in fighting free radicals. Containing caffeine, Matcha gives a gradual and consistent release of energy. The caffeine is balanced with L-theanine known to improve concentration and focus. According to some studies, green tea is also beneficial to help burn fat and lower bad cholesterol.

How to use Matcha?
I put Love Green Teas’ Matcha to the test by whisking it in hot water. Simple and delicious, this is the kind of drink that makes you feel good from inside out. I also made Matcha latte and a delicious vegan Lime Matcha Ice Cream.

You can also add Matcha to smoothies or juices, sprinkle it over salads or cereals, or use it in dips or mocktails. The green powder will also give a twist to your baking creations such as pancakes, cakes, cookies or madeleines etc… Truly, you can be as creative as you wish.

The quality of Love Green Teas’ Matcha was superior to other brands I have tried before, resulting in a lot more flavour and a smoother taste. Of higher standards, it is slightly more expensive than others, retailing at £14.99 for 30g. The 30g makes 15-30 servings depending on strength.

This is a premium product, probably best reserved for ceremonial uses rather than baking. Yet if you are serious about your green tea, this is certainly one Matcha you want to try.


A Commissioned Post for Love Green Teas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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