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The idea of eating insects might not sound very appealing to a Western palate. Yet with over 1,900 edible species, around 2 billion people around the world already eat them as part of their regular diet. In some poorer areas, eating insects is a often a matter of survival. Being rich in protein and good fats and high in calcium, iron and zinc, bugs provide invaluable nutritional content.

The world’s growing population and its appetite for meat put the world food system under enormous strain. With an estimated 2 billion or more people to feed by 2050, the already strained current food production will need to almost double to cater for everyone. Entomophagy (ie: human consumption of insects) is seen by many, including the UN, as part of the solution.

In the search for more sustainable animal protein sources, insects have a very important role to play. As I mentioned previously on this blog: “they are 20 times more efficient than beef at producing body mass. Insects could be the ultimate sustainable food source as they reproduce a lot, are fast growing (crickets only take 45 days from egg to fully adult size), require little water or food and produce low CO2 emissions.”

If you are ready to explore some new and adventurous food frontiers, but not ready for a whole roasted cricket just yet, Mophagy’s Cricket Powder is certainly a product you need to try.


Packaged in a 150g resealable bag, Mophagy’s Cricket Powder is made from 100% Canadian farmed crickets raised on a diet of fresh grains and vegetables.

Its nutritional value is amazing: 59% complete protein, B vitamins, folate, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, omega 3, omega 6, calcium, potassium and so on.

It has a delicate nutty taste and is so versatile that you can blend it or sprinkle it on pretty much everything you can think of. It is also great to enrich breads and cakes when you are baking, by substituting 10% of traditional flour.

Personally, I like it on salads, cereals and in smoothies.

Cricket Powder Salad The Flexitarian


Cricket Powder Smoothie The Flexitarian

I also used Mophagy’s Cricket Powder to make the delicious energy bites below. The nuttiness of the powder works perfectly with the ginger, dates and cashews. A perfect post-workout or mid-afternoon snack as cricket powder’s nutritional content can help muscle recovery and fight fatigue.

Cricket Powder Protein Bites [flexitarian] by The Flexitarian

If, like me, you enjoy exploring more sustainable ways to eat, then insects are certainly something to feast on. From nutty crickets to chocolatey mealworms, Mophagy has a whole range of insect powders and snacks to choose from. These edible species are perfectly safe to eat and palatable, while being nutritious and kinder on the planet.

You can find out more about Mophagy on their website, follow them on Twitter or visit them on Facebook.

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A Commissioned Post for Mophagy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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