VEKINĒ - Scrumptious Raw & Unprocessed Natural Food

VEKINĒ – Scrumptious Raw & Unprocessed Natural Food


In the world of healthy food, numerous brands promise the healthiest and most delicious products. Yet it is hard to find true natural food that neither compromises on taste nor ingredients. Many wholesome products are often not that appetising or simply not that healthy. That is why I was thrilled to come across VEKINĒ and its fabulous selection of raw, unprocessed, natural foods.

VEKINĒ ‘s products not only taste amazing but they are also truly made with no artificial or refined ingredients, colouring or additives. The whole range is simply as natural as food should be.

A couple of weeks ago I received a hamper to try out. I was instantly drawn to the minimalist packaging reflecting the overall philosophy of VEKINĒ: healthy, clean and natural.

What makes VEKINĒ so special is that they blend nutritious ingredients and interesting flavours. So refreshing to taste something different.

VEKINE Pocket Bars

While I tend not to snack during the day, I’ll admit to needing a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up from time to time. Working from home, the obvious place to venture is the fridge or the sweet/ biscuit tin. Snack attacks can be dangerous and invariably I will regret that piece of chocolate or cookie.

Included in my delivery were three VEKINĒ Pockets. These energy bars are the perfect snack, one that will leave you satisfied and re-fuelled but not sluggish.  Bursting with protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they are also perfect following a workout.

I loved all three flavours: original, cinnamon and cocoa. Not too sweet, they are made of activated buckwheat, nuts, dates, raisins and coconut oil. They are vegan, gluten free and simply delicious.

Rating: ★★★★★

VEKINE Raw Chocolate

Made by hand, these raw vegan chocolate tablets are heated to a temperature not exceeding 42°C in order to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients of cocoa. With only half the sugar content of conventional chocolate, VEKINĒ chocolate is made with coconut sugar which has a much lower GI than refined sugar. 

The two flavours I tried “Lavender & Lemon” and “Roses & Black Pepper” were tasty and unusual. The three stars below, reflect my personal preference for less dark and slightly sweeter chocolate. The packaging is nicely designed so that you can personalise each tablet.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

VEKINE Raw Crackers

It was the first time I have tried raw crackers and I was really impressed by how these tasted. VEKINĒ crackers are not cooked, just dried at 42°C to preserve their nutritional benefits. Made with sprouted linseeds and sunflower, they are vegan, gluten free and alkaline. Bursting with vegetable proteins they are a healthy snack to eat on their own or topped with a dip.

They are very easy to digest and provide a quick energy boost. The crackers with raisins and orange are sweet while the other two are savoury. I was really impressed and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Rating: ★★★★★

You will find plenty more products on the VEKINĒ website including a range of superfoods, organic extra virgin olive oil and tigernuts. Currently there is 10% OFF everything in their End of Summer Sale. A good opportunity to try some of these super delicious snacks and chocolates.

You can find out more about VEKINĒ on their website, follow them on Twitter or visit them on Facebook.

A Commissioned Post for VEKINĒ. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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