Separating Fact from Fiction with 5-Day Detox Video Course

Separating Fact from Fiction with 5-Day Detox Video Course


Detox and cleanses are controversial topics. What do they do? Do they work? Are they safe? Whilst the benefits of true detox in a chemical-filled world are very real, there is so much information out there that it becomes, well, tricky to separate fact from fiction.

I recently embarked on a personal quest to figure out what detox really means, and if it’s something that’s good for us, or even necessary at all. After sifting through heaps of stuff, I came across a 5-day detox video course taught by Dr Graham Rowe, chief naturopath specialising in natural wellness who has over twenty years’ experience on the topic.

You can watch a 3 minute teaser video for the course:

I guess I was struggling with information overload because when it comes to detox programmes– there are so many out there, all claiming to be the best. They range from simple one-day juice fasts to long-term, live-in complete fasts with colonic “irrigation” and “boot-camp” style exercise regimes. So many options, so many extremes!

This probably sounds familiar if you or a friend have done awful things like fasting or colonics:

I’ve just got back from this detox program and it was so gross. We starved for a week and had these horrible drinks that tasted like sawdust. And the colonics OMG!!! Don’t even get me started on the colonics ….

One of the things I’ve learnt is that fasting is not detox. According to Dr Graham Rowe, one of the things that science has taught us is that your body needs food to detox. Secondly, your body actually does detox itself every day. If it didn’t you’d die (that’s one thing science and the fads agree on, your body can do the job of detox all by itself).

It’s scary how easy it is to buy into things that can negatively impact our health…which makes us vulnerable when trying make an informed decision about doing a cleanse – after all there are benefits, IF they are done properly.

If done properly, a good body cleanse is necessary to counteract increased exposure to chemicals, and it offers benefits like improved digestion, clarity and mental focus, reduced sugar cravings and balanced blood sugar levels, and increased energy and natural vitality. But in order to reap these benefits – you have to cleanse in a way that does not cause the body more harm than good!


I don’t want to give away too much otherwise I might spoil the video course for you, but whether you’re a detox newbie, or a seasoned detoxer, the course offers a fresh, holistic look at what detoxing means and how to do it without inflicting stress to your body…

You can sign up for the free 5-day detox video course and learn about:

– What toxins are and why we need to detox

– How you can create your own home detox programme

– What is detox diet and how to use herbs to empower your detox

P.S If you sign up for the course now, make sure you watch to the end of the daily videos. You may just get links for cool e-books and stuff 🙂




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