Easy Detox ™ The Perfect Healthy Gift

Easy Detox ™ The Perfect Healthy Gift


Do you or your friends party over the holiday season? If the answer is yes, I just may have the perfect gift idea for you!

Stress, greasy foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and other toxic overloads get into our bodies. Recently I came across an all-natural body cleanse from Koh Samui in Thailand called Easy Detox™ by Amrita. It claims to be pleasant, effective and a safe way to cleanse your body from harmful toxins while protecting against oxidative damage.

Amrita’s Easy Detox™ system integrates detoxifying herbal shakes, healthy eats and light exercise. As a flexitarian, I am not a fan of strict dietary or exercise routine, so I really like that Amrita let you have your food and lead your busy lifestyle.

Amrita’s science-based methodology is already used in 5-star luxury wellness retreats like W Retreat, Banyan Tree and Kempinski. Of course, those lucky enough to afford it, can experience a bespoke Amrita body cleanse at a luxury villa with a sea view.

For the rest of us, there is a more affordable option, where we can enjoy Amrita’s Easy Detox™ kit for around £69 (including free international delivery) in the comfort of our own home. It uses the same 5-star methodology and herbal formula to provide a gentle, all-natural 7-day body cleanse, whilst letting you eat and lead a regular lifestyle.

Below is a summary of what I learned on their website:

  1. Easy Detox™ 7-day home kit includes a 100% organic herbal formula with herbs freeze-dried for best preservation.
  2. Herbal shakes are packaged in convenient single-serve sachets which are small and light (8g only) to carry in your handbag.
  3. Each sachet contains 16 organic ingredients, for a gentle cleanse experience. You can view the full list of ingredients here: www.easydetox.co/ingredients
  4. The kits come with an E-Book, and nutritional guidelines that tell you exactly what you can eat during the 7-days of your body cleanse and 5-star online support.
  5. Programme benefits include higher energy, weight optimisation, improved digestion and better skin, to name a few. There are tons of testimonials and online purchase is a snap with PayPal or plastic.
  6. There are 3 types of kits available:
    – Mini
    – Classic
    – Deluxe

The premium Easy Detox™ Deluxe Kit includes a lot of extras such as Thai facial masks, a post-cleanse probiotic treatment, a beautiful cookbook with 5 different diet types as well as 100+ recipes by famous 5-Star chefs. But it is too pricey…my opinion is that the Classic kit has much better value.


I was quite impressed with Easy Detox™, so I asked Amrita for a seasonal promotion. They kindly offered a special deal which I extend to you in this post.

You can view what’s included in each kit here: www.easydetox.co/flexitarian and take advantage of a special promotional price on Classic kits, thanks to my humble efforts.

If a good body cleanse sounds like a useful gift idea, make sure you grab this deal. It will take around a week for the kit to get to UK. Your friends can party with confidence knowing they will have a clean start in 2017. It may also be a good idea to consider this healthy gift for yourself too. If you party, of course!

I hope the above review is helpful. Have a fantastic holiday season and remember this wise saying: “It’s time to retox, and it’s time to detox!”. If we all choose to retox differently, it may be a good idea to stick to 5-star detox after.

Here is the link to this very special deal one more time for you: www.easydetox.co/flexitarian

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