10 Male Vegan Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

10 Male Vegan Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

10 Male Vegan Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

While eating meat has long been associated with masculinity here are 10 male vegan bloggers who are proof that plant-based diets are not only for girls! And when it comes to exercise, some certainly know how to grow muscles too!

In fact, men can find a lot of health benefits in eating less meat such as lower rate of cardio vascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, cancer prevention as well as weight management.

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#Vegan options at PHL. Hummus, sesame tofu tacos, with a side of ninja turtles and monster trucks.

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World-class eggplant parmigiana burger at @losloosers in Mexico City. #vegan #cdmx #aubergine

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#Homemade #seitan is the best! High protein, low-fat, super filling and delicious and AFFORDABLE. Prepackaged seitan, while convenient, tends to be very expensive for the amount of seitan you actually get. Plus it’s always too rubbery! That’s why you should buy a bag of vital wheat gluten, fold-in mushroom broth, #nooch, salt, pepper, paprika, onion & garlic powder and some tamari. The trick is not to over mix it, and to gently pull it apart into thin strips before you boil it for 40 minutes. Each strip should triple in size. Let it come down in temperature, then prepare it any way you would prepare your favorite proteins. I’ll be making buffalo seitan! #vegan #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #veganonabudget

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