Sutton Community Farm Share Offer

Why You Should Buy Shares In Sutton Community Farm

Sutton Community Farm Share Offer

Where we live is not much more than a stone’s throw from central London (you can even see the city from our neighbour’s loft on a clear day). Happily, we are also minutes away from the London Green Belt, where Sutton Community Farm strives to grow and deliver local and seasonal vegetables in south London. And guess what! We have just bought some shares and are now proud members. How exciting!

Sutton Community Farm Harvest


A Thriving Community

Sutton Community Farm has a special place in my heart, especially since I worked with its team last year to deliver a Healthy Food Program throughout our local community. From humble beginnings as an empty field seven years ago, it has become an inspiring place, which brings together people from many different walks of life through a common love of healthy food.

I am always astonished to see the hive of activity, particularly midweek when vegetables bags are being prepared for delivery. A swarm of volunteers operates out of an oversized garden shed, making sure the freshest of vegetables are delivered to local customers. Forget food miles and long term storage, here produce is harvested at its peak and delivered within days.

Sutton Community Farm Packing Team


More Than A Farm

As well as its not-for-profit VegBox Scheme, Sutton Community Farm offers “unique hands-on experiences that helps young people nurture a closer relationship with food and farming“. It regularly welcomes schools and youth clubs for farm visits or workshops.  Sutton Community Farm also runs after school cook clubs for Key Stage 2 where children learn about healthy eating.

Sutton Community Farm Kids Club


A Second Share Offer

Aiming to grow its VegBox Scheme to 400 customers, Sutton Community Farm is in desperate need of space to weigh, pack and store. A second share offer has been set up to help finance the building of a barn, which will also be used to host more school groups and provide dedicated space for educational activities. Additional space is also key to provide more volunteering opportunities.

Sutton Community Farm Team

For as little as £30, you can invest into Sutton Community Farm, helping a community that directly benefits the local area. Of course you can also invest even if you do not live nearby because, let’s face it, this is a pretty awesome project. Every pound invested will make a difference.

What’s more, your money will be matched by Power to Change, hence doubling the amount to Sutton Community Farm.

As soon as you buy shares in Sutton Community Farm you will enjoy some special member benefits such as discounts off veg boxes or special event invitations . You can even have a say in the farm’s governance with a vote at the Annual Members’ Meeting and help shape the farm’s future.

So join me and many others into making sure this new barn gets built.

Find all the details on Sutton Community Farm website or on its crowdfunding page.


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