WakeUpToOrganic 2017

One Week To Go Until We Celebrate #WakeUpToOrganic

WakeUpToOrganic 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal in our family. I make sure the kids get up early enough so we do not have to rush through it. I try to vary dishes to get a good balance of sweet and savoury during the week.

Eating a proper breakfast is essential to fuel our brain and body for the day. It not only balances sugar levels, to avoid mid-morning cravings, but also improves attention and focus. A recent study has found that skipping breakfast or eating late in the day could raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Smashed Avocado Toast with Poached Egg & Harissa [vegetarian]

Smashed Avocado Toast with Poached Egg & Harissa [vegetarian]

Sweet options are a favourite with our kids. Porridge is really a staple for us and I like to load it with nuts, seeds and fruits. For hot days, I often make a big batch of overnight porridge which can be served over two to three breakfasts. When there is a bit more time at the weekend, we might indulge in pancakes. Personally, I much prefer a savoury start to the day such as eggs, avocado on toast, a full vegetarian breakfast or tofu scramble.

Peach & Blackberry Overnight Oatmeal with Chia Seeds [vegan]

Peach & Blackberry Overnight Oatmeal with Chia Seeds [vegan]

Some of the recipes we enjoy most include:

To reap even more benefits from breakfast, I make sure to include as many organic products and ingredients as possible. My indispensables are organic milk, butter, yoghurt, eggs, bread as well as seasonal fruits.

I am also always on the lookout for the latest organic brands and products to try. That’s why  I am really excited that there is only one week to go until the latest #WakeUpToOrganic.


Fancy a free breakfast?
Come and celebrate #WakeUpToOrganic

Over 220 stores around the country will be serving free breakfasts on June 14th. Whether you are a committed organic shopper or simply want to try something new, this is the perfect opportunity to discover new and delicious products.

Independent retailers, delicatessens, farm shops and cafés are opening their doors, to host a mix of cookery demos, talks from chefs and bloggers, free organic tastings and tips for easy and tasty breakfast food swaps, as well as opportunities to meet local producers.

They are many reasons why choosing organic is best:
1. Good for you – natural, tasty and delicious, fewer pesticides, full of nutrients.
2. Good for animals – happy animals with high standards of animal welfare and no routine use of antibiotics.
3. Good for the planet – working with nature, high environmental standards, promoting and supporting up to 50% more wildlife.

Personally I attach as much importance to the benefits organic food can have for our health as it can have on the environment.

Wake Up To Organic is a really fantastic way to start the day whether you are at home or on your way to work. You can find your local place to grab a free breakie on June 14th here.

Don’t forget to share your favourite organic breakfast recipe with #WakeUpToOrganic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


This post was commissioned by #WakeUpToOrganic.



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