The Darwin Challenge

The Darwin Challenge : The App To Help You Eat Less Meat


The Darwin Challenge

Would you like to see the difference your meat free days are having on your health and the planet? The Darwin Challenge app is there to help anyone see how much of an impact their flexitarian diet has, whether they go meat free for one day or more a week.

The Darwin Challenge has been created by Chris Darwin, whose great great grandfather Charles Darwin needs no introduction. Passionate (amongst other things) about protecting wildlife, you can easily spot Chris Darwin in a room by the toy bald eagle (an endangered bird success story) he carries on his shoulder.

I was lucky enough to hear him speak twice this year at the launch of CIWF Stop The Machine Campaign and The Extinction and Livestock Conference. Having given up on planes, he travelled from Australia (where he lives) to England by boat. You have to love a man who walks his talk.

Chris Darwin has picked his own evolutionary battle to defend mass species extinctions. Through his own life journey, he has come to realise that intensive meat production has an enormous impact on the environment and is also responsible for decimating the wildlife around us. He decided to launch The Darwin Challenge to encourage people to eat less meat.



The Darwin Challenge is easy to use:

  • Select how many days you want to be meat-free. Set yourself reminders. When you succeed, use the app to record your meat-free days.
  • The app tracks your progress, showing you the impact of your actions on your health, to others and to the planet.
  • Invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you in the global movement. Track your collective efforts on the leaderboards.

The Darwin Challenge

Habits are hard to change, especially when it comes down to food and it is sometimes hard to stay motivated. The Darwin Challenge makes going meat free fun, easy and inspiring. Small changes for a big impact! Are you up for the challenge?

The Darwin Challenge is FREE and available for download here in iOS.


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