Christmas Gift Guide - 6 Best Vegan Food Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide – 6 Best Vegan Food Gifts

Christmas Gift Guide - 6 Best Vegan Food Gifts

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, I have compiled several gift guides that I cannot wait to share with you. Below you will find a selection of 6 vegan food gifts, perfect for seasoned vegans or anyone else wanting to embrace more of a plant-based diet.

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

Elegantly packaged in a Sous Chef drawstring bag, this is a dream gift for all bread lovers. This Sourdough Bread Making Kit includes a recipe book (How to Make Sourdough by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou),  a 750g loaf round cane banneton, a curved dough scraper, a bread scoring blade and a 1-litre Le Parfait jar to make the starter.

I am completely fascinated with fermentation and tiptoeing into it. Sourdough is one of my favourite breads but until now the prospect of making some from scratch has been quite daunting. I absolutely love the cookbook included in this kit. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is a renowned bread baker with a real passion for artisan bread. His books includes 45 different recipes from classic sourdough, cultured sourdough, gluten free sourdough to sweet sourdough. Each recipe has a time planner, so handy for people like me who often find themselves pushed for time. There is also a long introduction that explains how to make the starter, which flours to use, as well as how to shape, proof and bake the perfect loaf. Happy baking!

Price: £39.50

Get It From: Sous Chef


Pure Chocolate Making Gift Set by Indigo Herbs

Pure Chocolate Making Gift Set

Based in Somerset, Indigo Herbs specialises in organic and natural products. Their Pure Chocolate Making Gift Set comes complete with organic cacao butter (100g), organic cacao powder (100g), organic raw agave syrup (100ml), whole Brazil nuts (25g) , goji berries (25g) and some paper moulds. There is also a handy guide on how to make chocolate and a secret dark bitter sweet chocolate recipe to enjoy.

This is a fantastic gift for all chocolate lovers and budding chocolate makers. No previous experience required!

Price: £19.99

Get It From: Indigo Herbs


The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Try your hand at crafting vegan cheese with this kit; big enough to make 20 batches of 6 different cheeses. Choose from mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, halloumi, feta and even parmesan!

The box comes complete with tapioca flour, agar, organic sea salt, nutritional yeast, citric acid, paprika, lemon pepper, basil as well as a cheese cloth and a thermometer. All you need to add is nuts and a splash of almond milk.

The booklet includes all the practical advice you need to get started,  step-by-step instructions for making the different cheeses, as well as additional recipes to enjoy your creations in, such as a scrumptious vegan chocolate cake.

Ideal for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians etc.. or anyone looking to switch towards a plant-based diet. Perfect also for people with dairy allergy or intolerance.

Price: £27.50

Get It From: The Big Cheese Making Kit


Pearl Oyster Kitchen Garden

Pearl Oyster Kitchen Garden

Kids and adults can grow their own pearl oyster mushrooms at home with this kit from the Espresso Mushroon Company. Each box is packed with coffee from one hundred espressos, providing the perfect environment for the mushrooms to grow . As we experienced, they grow really quickly, so make sure you open the kits within 30 days of purchase!

All you need is a bright and airy spot such as a windowsill. There are easy-to-follow instructions so you can harvest your homegrown Oyster mushrooms about two weeks later. Delicious in salads, omelettes, soups, stir fries etc …. Also available in Hot Pink oyster mushroom variety.

Price: £17.50

Get It From: Espresso Mushroom Company


Steenbergs Mediterranean Mini 8 Spice Box

Mediterranean Mini 8 Spice Box

I have been a fan of Steenbergs for quite some time. With a passion for organic and fairtrade, they are one of the UK foremost specialists for herbs and spices. I have gifted many of their mini spice boxes over the years as experienced cooks always love discovering new spice blends, while occasional cooks enjoy having small selections to try out.

This Mediterranean Mini 8 Spice Box is a delight for the senses and takes you from Italy to Spain to the Middle East via North Africa. All the flavours in this box blend perfectly in vegetarian and vegan dishes. There is plenty more choice on Steenbergs’ website. If you are looking for a slightly larger gift for a beginner cook or student, I would recommend this Storecupboard Spice Gift Box.

Price: £15.99

Get It From: Steenbergs



Silly Greens

Silly Greens

Freshly picked micro greens and herbs are packed with nutritious goodness and Silly Greens deliver them straight through your letter box. This is an affordable subcription box where you choose the frequency of delivery from once a week to once every six weeks.

Each grow box has herbs and greens which grow to a few inches tall before they are ready to cut and throw onto a plate. Cultivate three different greens at once and set off on a taste discovery with flavours such as rocket wasabi, red amaranth, lemon sorrel, buckwheat etc… The box is long and thin and can easily fit next to a window or on a windowsill.

Healthy foodies will certainly enjoy having this nutritious powerhouse at their fingertips while kids will be fascinated by watching them grow.

Price: £4

Get It From: Silly Greens


Disclaimer: items were sent to me for inclusion in this gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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