Launch of Le Flexitarien

Launch of Le Flexitarien

After a couple of years of procrastinating, I have finally done it! The Flexitarian is now available in French at

Being French, this is a project that I have been considering for a while. I have contemplated adding a French section to The Flexitarian but this proved complicated, so I have decided to run two independent blogs. This completes our network of ethical sites, which also includes our eco-boutique By Nature.

As with any new project, there have been false starts and technical malfunctions even before the blog went live. I have felt like giving up on it many times, but then with a renewed energy in 2019, we finally got there.

France is not the first country you think of for vegetarian and vegan cuisines. Yet according to research one-third of the French population are looking to eat less meat and embracing a flexitarian diet. So in many ways the trend is very similar to the UK.

Whenever I have been visiting my parents over the last couple of years, I have noticed more and more enthusiasm for plant-based food. Compared to the United Kingdom though, France still has a long way to go. Here we are spoiled with fantastic product launches and a host of restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options. There is plenty of room for improvement across the Channel. And this is why I am so excited about launching Le Flexitarien.

Six years after starting this blog, I am still convinced that the future is plant-based and that, if we are to thrive as a species, we have to change the way we eat, live and consume.

For now, Le Flexitarien has only a few recipes from this site but I will be adding many more. Adapting the recipes can sometimes be more complicated than a simple translation. Even though France and the UK are quite close geographically, differences in ingredient availability and taste preferences can create challenges.

The content will also be more specific to French readers, especially on social media, so perhaps you’d like to follow Le Flexitarien on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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