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Give your beauty routine a makeover with The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits new head-to-toe beauty collections

The Body Shop Wonky Vegs Carrots 2

In a bid to reduce food waste, The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits ranges is using carrots and bananas that would otherwise be thrown away simply because they look crooked,

In the past ugly vegs have been blamed for up to 40 per cent of wasted produce. Recently there has been a number of initiatives designed to help allieviate the amount of perfectly good food being chucked away. Some supermarkets are now selling wonky vegs and fruits at a cheaper price than premium produce while some innovative brands are giving wonky vegs extreme makeovers.

I feel we should never underestimate to power of naturally crooked vegetables and fruits. Whatever they might be lacking in looks, they certainly make up for in nutritional goodness. Boosting as many nutrients than their better-looking counterparts, they certainly pack a punch in The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits new head-to-toe beauty collections.

The Body Shop Wonky Vegs Carrots

The Carrot Collection, one of The Body Shop skincare favourites, is back and more sustainable than ever.

The new Carrot Wash (£8.50) and Carrot Cream (£14) vegan duo is enriched with organic carrots that are too wonky to be sold in the supermarkets.

Carrots are known for being rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C, all nutrients that are essential to a healthy looking skin. The Body Shop is sourcing thousands of these wonky carrots from a British, family-run farm.


The new Carrot Collection is made from 90% natural ingredients and enriched with skin-soothing Community Trade organic aloe vera which is sustainably sourced from farmers in Campeche, Mexico.

It also comes in 100% recyclable packaging which is made from 55 % recycled plastic.


The Body Shop Wonky Vegs Bananas


In its efforts to make the most of vegetables and fruits of all shapes and sizes, The Body Shop is also bringing back its fragrant and fruity banana body care range.


Made with bananas discarded by supermarkets, these vegan, irresistibly summery treats are enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree sustainably sourced from El Guabo in south-west Ecuador. El Guabo pay small-scale farmers a fair price and encourage female farmers to join the association for equal benefits.



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