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Beyond Sausage ® Arrives in the UK

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Beyond Meat®, maker of the Beyond Burger®, is launching the long awaited Beyond Sausage® in the UK, the first plant-based sausage designed to look, taste and sizzle just like pork.

Made from a blend of simple plant-based ingredients without soy, gluten or GMOs, Beyond Sausage® is designed to offer the taste and texture of meat with less of the health and environmental baggage often associated with meat consumption.

Peas, fava beans and brown rice are used to provide the 16g of plant protein, while coconut oil adds juiciness. It’s all wrapped inside a 100% plant-based casing derived from algae.

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As well as providing the nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based meat, Beyond Sausage® has more protein than a pork-based sausage equivalent, with 38% less saturated fat and less sodium.

I enjoyed a first taste last night at Neat Burger in London and in case you are wondering, yes the Beyond Sausage® tastes as good as it looks. In spite of not being as juicy as an artisan sausage (due to lower fat content), it is hearty and meaty with a great bite and has a proper casing often lacking in vegan sausages.

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As of today, Beyond Sausage® is exclusively available at NEAT Burger restaurant just off Regent Street in London. Backed by Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton, NEAT Burger restaurant has a full plant-based menu including Beyond Sausage®, Beyond Burger® as well as THIS Isn’t Chick’n burger and Caesar salad.

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The bratwurst-style sausage will be rolled out across more than 450 Tesco stores starting on 26th September, where it will be sold in the chilled meat aisle. The sizzling innovation is set to please vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian alike with its delectable meaty flavour.

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