Applewood Cheese Goes Vegan

Applewood Cheese Goes Vegan

Applewood Vegan V

In a bid to tackle the climate crisis, cheesemaker Applewood has just launched a vegan version of its famous smoke-flavoured cheese.

Based in Somerset, Applewood has made its name producing a white smoke-flavoured Cheddar cheese with a dusting of paprika, first created in 1965.

Applewood vegan was devised in partnership with Heather Mills, developed by her VBites team and produced in her vegan factory. This enables Applewood vegan to avoid any cross contamination and be 100% allergen-free as it contains no lactose, milk, eggs, soya, nuts or gluten.

10 years after the start of Meat Free Monday, Applewood is instituting another day of climate-friendly abstinence – “Flexi Friday”.

“We are establishing Flexi Friday 10 years after the start of Meat Free Monday because much has changed in those 10 years, principally climate change, and because of that crisis it is no longer enough for us to follow a climate-friendly diet on just one day a week, we need the option of this second day now,” said Applewood Senior Brand Manager Lisa Harrison.

Applewood Vegan Flexi Friday

“We have set up a new website – – with tips, advice and recipes for the growing numbers of those want to be flexible in what they eat for the sake of the planet, whether they be meat-eaters, flexitarians or flexegans.

I recently tried Applewood vegan and was very impressed not only by its smoky flavour but also by its texture and meltiness which is great for cooking. It is really versatile and works well in all sorts of dishes from toasties, pizzas and pastas to baked potatoes and nachos.

Applewood vegan is made from coconut with added Vitamin B12 and calcium so you won’t miss on nutrients. I was not surprised to learn it has just been awarded the Best Vegan Cheese award by PETA and is currently outselling its dairy counterpart.

Applewood vegan (RRP £2.30 for 200g block) is available from this month exclusively in 238 Asda stores nationwide and selected food service outlets.

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3 Responses to Applewood Cheese Goes Vegan

  1. Alicia Coumbe January 6, 2020 at 5:08 pm #

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Please can you let me know when the Vegan Applewood Cheddar is going to be made available in other supermarkets. Unfortunately Asda is not my local supermarket, we have one where I live and it’s quite a long way from me.

    Kind regards


    • theflexitarian January 7, 2020 at 6:29 pm #

      Alicia, for the near future it is only at Asda as they have expanded from 220 Asda stores to more than 450. Hopefully by the end of the year. Hopefully by the Summer it will be available in other stores. Hope this helps. Annabelle

  2. Alicia January 8, 2020 at 5:30 pm #

    Thank you Annabelle.

    I do hope it’ll be sooner rather than later as unfortunately the Asda store in the City I live is quite a way away and it’s not the best Asda store. I hope it’ll be the Summer in other stores.

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