7 easy ways to get back into your fitness routine

7 Easy Ways To Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine

7 easy ways to get back into your fitness routine

Being healthy is as much about eating nutritious food as it is about exercising regularly. Honestly, I find it very difficult to motivate myself to workout during Winter. As the weather get warmer and brighter this is the time of the year I get reminded I need to get back into a manageable fitness routine.

In order to get back on track, I have this year again signed up for the Blenheim Triathlon. I had a great time last year, and this June my girlfriends and I are cracking it up a notch with a Sprint triathlon. Graham has also signed up. Nice to have a couple goal 🙂 .

Triathlon might sound a bit extreme but I assure you that I am no elite athlete.  This is a goal to work towards and it does help my motivation. I enjoy the training, finding the combination of swimming, cycling and running a good balance for my body. Triathlon is not something I expected to take on in my 40s but here I am and I totally recommend it.

If you are finding it hard to get back into your exercise and fitness routine, here are some tips that can help:

  • SIGN UP FOR A CHALLENGE: all right triathlon might not be your thing but still, there are plenty of events out there which enable you to workout regularly towards a tangible goal. Try a charity walk, an organised run or a bike ride.
  • UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE: is your sportswear looking past its best? Maybe it’s time to invest into some new clothes that will make you look good and feel good. Personally I like bamboo sportswear and yoga clothes. Bamboo is a breathable material which is ideal for performance wear.
  • TEAM UP WITH A FRIEND OR ENLIST A PERSONAL TRAINER: motivation can be hard to find on your own, scheduling a regular walk / run with a friend or enlisting the help of a personal trainer could certainly spark your enthusiasm.
  • PAY AS YOU GO GYMS: unsure if you want to commit to a monthly gym contract just yet? Try a Pay-As-You-Go scheme instead such as Pay As U Gym, Easy Gym or The Gym.
  • KEEP YOUR GOALS REALISTICS: if you have been sloughing on the couch over the past few months, trying to exercise all of the sudden 5 times a week is not going to last. Keep it manageable with a fitness tracker. As your stamina and fitness improve, you will find it easier to workout more often.
  • HAVE FUN & ENJOY: if you hate running what’s the point of aiming for bi-weekly runs? Choose sports you enjoy, break the monotony by having a range of options to choose from and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!

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