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Waitrose Unpacked

Waitrose Unpacked : Supermarket Trials Refillable Zone To Reduce Plastic Waste

Thanks to “Waitrose Unpacked” shoppers at Waitrose’s Botley Road shop in Oxford will be able to shop for packaging free items and refill their own container with a wide range of products. With this new scheme Waitrose & Partners will offer the largest number of loose fruit and vegetable lines of any national supermarket, whilst […]

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Plastic Waste Tesco

Fed Up With Plastic Waste? You Can Now Bring Your Own Containers To Tesco’s Fresh Counters + Get Paid To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic pollution and plastic waste is a massive problem which requires everyone to make an effort to use less plastic. As highlighted in documentaries such as Blue Planet II and Drowning in Plastic, the situation is critical. Plastic waste is not only endangering our oceans, beaches, fish, wildlife but also our own health as we […]

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Waitrose & Partners Commits To Removing 134m Plastic Bags l

Waitrose & Partners Commits To Removing 134m Plastic Bags

Waitrose & Partners has announced that it has committed to removing loose fruit and vegetable plastic bags by spring 2019 and 5p single use plastic carrier bags by March next year in all shops. The move will save 134 million plastic bags, the equivalent of 500 tonnes of plastic a year. The retailer will become […]

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World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day: 10 Tips To Ditch The Plastic In Your Life

Once thought of as a versatile and cheap material ideally suited to modern convenience, plastic has now become an environmental plague. Can you help beat plastic pollution this World Environment Day? Over the years our addiction to plastic has become such that you can find it everywhere, from single use shopping bags to the polyester […]

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Eco Living - Ditch Plastic Bags For Good

Eco Living – Ditch Plastic Bags For Good

For some time now, plastic bags have been having some bad press and rightly so. They have become a plague to the environment and wildlife. Innocuous at first, they quickly end up in the trash. From there they find their way to landfills, oceans, rivers etc… How many times have you tried to reuse them […]

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4 Best (Plastic Free) Lunch Box Solutions For Adults

4 Best (Plastic Free) Lunch Box Solutions For Adults

Taking a nutritious packed lunch to work can help you lose weight, save money and stay healthy. Store-bought lunches also generates a huge amount of packaging waste which the environment can certainly do without. Since having my kids I have become aware of the dangers of BPA. While it is now better regulated, I still prefer using […]

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The Body Shop Wonky Vegs Carrots 3

Give your beauty routine a makeover with The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits new head-to-toe beauty collections

In a bid to reduce food waste, The Body Shop wonky vegs and fruits ranges is using carrots and bananas that would otherwise be thrown away simply because they look crooked, In the past ugly vegs have been blamed for up to 40 per cent of wasted produce. Recently there has been a number of […]

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9 Eco Easter Eggs 2019

9 Eco Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, I decided to round-up some of my favourite eco Easter eggs. Many Easter eggs are over-packaged in unnecessary plastic that is near impossible to recycle. After Christmas, this is the time of the year where we go, once again, in packaging and waste overdrive. Here are my 6 favourite […]

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Pret A Manger water fountains

Pret A Manger rolls out 250 water fountains where anyone can refill for free

In a bid to reduce plastic bottle use, Pret encourages customers (and passers-by) to ‘fill up for free’ at any of its 250 filtered water fountains. Self-service water stations have been rolled out around the country to help remove the barrier of asking for a refill, with one in five feeling uncomfortable asking even when […]

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Addis Meal Prep Header

How To Meal Prep for a Week of Breakfasts and Lunches

Ever wondered how best to keep your healthy eating goals on track? Do you find yourself mid-week lacking inspiration for your meals, ending up craving something you invariably regret afterwards. A little planning and organisation might help and meal prep is a great tool to keep you on track and satisfied. Meal prep is all over […]

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