Asda Launches 'Veelicious' - A Vegan Butcher Counter

Asda Launches ‘Veelicious’ – A Vegan Butcher Counter

 Veelicious - A Vegan Butcher Counter

As more and more people embrace flexitarianism and seek out plant-based alternative, Asda is launching ‘Veelicious’ a vegan butcher counter in its Watford store. This new concept will be trialled for six months and if successful expanded to other locations.

This latest initiative comes in the footsteps of  Asda refill stations designed to cut out plastic and unnecessary packaging.

With prices starting from 75p, ‘Veelicious’ will serve a range of meat-free alternatives such as mock lamb and vegan ‘black pudding’, as well as a small selection of vegan cheeses, ready-to-eat meal kits and vegan staples, such as chutneys and base cooking sauces.

Asda  Vegan Butcher Counter

To help those wanting to eat plant-based get their hands on all the tasty and affordable products they need under one roof, in addition to ‘Veelicious’ ASDA is introducing 22 new meat-free alternatives to its recently launched Vegan Bay from this Veganuary. Only recently launched, the Vegan Bay already features over 100 ambient plant-based products. 

Vegan Butcher Counter

Joining the line-up from 5th January and starting from just £1.50, the mouth-watering chilled and frozen additions include:

  • Facon: Days of missing fry ups or bacon buttys are long gone now that ASDA’s facon is hitting the shelves
  • Vegan Roast Chicken Pieces: These plant-based roast chicken pieces will definitely hit the spot when popped in a delicious stir fry or curry
  • Vegan Chicken Nuggets: A tasty alternative to a takeaway favourite, these delectable vegan chicken nuggets will be a hit with all the family
  • Hoisin Duckless Wrap: This vegan flame-grilled soy protein is perfect for enjoying lunch on the go
  • Steakless Bakes: Encased in a flaky pastry with steak style pieces coated in a rich onion gravy – who doesn’t love a bake!
  • Meat Free Sausage Rolls: Made with lightly seasoned Soya and flaky pastry, these sausage rolls are great for eating at home as a lunchtime snack
  • South Indian Style Curry: Butternut squash, sweet potato and kale in a medium spiced chickpea and coconut curry served with a mung bean pilau rice. It’ll warm up even the coldest of nights
  • Soya Mince: Top your Spaghetti Bolognese or fill up those tasty tacos with this soya mince
  • Berry and Coconut Breakfast Muffin Mix: Quick and easy to prepare, these muffins are sure to make breakfast time more exciting


Complementing ‘Veelicious’ and the Plant-Based range, ASDA Good Living also offers a good selection of vegan recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

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2 Responses to Asda Launches ‘Veelicious’ – A Vegan Butcher Counter

  1. Shelley Stel January 14, 2021 at 2:18 pm #

    I love the idea but am infuriated that they’ve used my business name, Velicious, which I’ve been trading with for almost 3 years and are completely ignoring my communication with them.
    The last year has been hard enough on small businesses without Asda stealing my name. I’ve worked hard to build my business for a supermarket to stomp on it!

    • theflexitarian January 17, 2021 at 7:50 pm #

      So frustrating when that happens! Good luck! Are you related to Velicious Burger restaurant in France?

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