meat free monday

Go Flexitarian with Meat Free Monday

The flexitarian diet is a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat. One of the easiest ways to go flexitarian is by joining Meat Free Monday  and not eating meat on Mondays. The campaign, launched by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney, is based on a simple principle – one day a week can make […]

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Redemption: Alcohol-Free, Meat-Free Sunday Bar

Redemption is a new alcohol-free, meat-free Sunday Bar concept launching in London Sunday 21st of July at Netil House. In September, Redemption will open a permanent location a Trellick Tower in West London. Redemption aims to challenge the idea that you need alcohol to have a good time. According to its website, Redemption will serve […]

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seasonal food

Reconnecting With Seasonal Food

Walking the aisles of supermarkets it is easy to be confused about what constitutes seasonal food. A lot of produce is now imported to give us the “choice” we have become accustomed to. It usually comes at the price of flavour, nutritional content and food miles. There is no doubt that vegetables and fruit grown […]

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the vegetarian butcher

Meet the Meat Free Butcher

Meet Jaap Korteweg. He is a different kind of butcher: a vegetarian butcher. The counters of his butchershop are filled with delicious meat free products that taste like meat, feel like meat, look like meat. Quite an oxymoron, yet the Vegetarian Butcher’s meat free products appeal to a growing number of people who are trying […]

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10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables.

10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables.

I never gave much thought about getting my children to eat their vegetables. That was until my daughter came along. It’s hard to believe my two kids are related sometimes. My son is an absolute delight to cook for. He pretty much eats everything, loves to try new things. My daughter is more tricky. It’s […]

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plenty Ottolenghi

Cookbook Review: Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

Warning this review is biased! Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi is one of my favourite cookbook, if not my favourite. This picture above  is not one of my own book. Mine is stained, worn out,  full of post-it notes. A sign it has been used over and over. I fell in love with this book as […]

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5 techniques to cook with less meat

6 Techniques To Cook With Less Meat

When I first became a flexitarian and decided to eat less meat I was not sure how to make the transition after 40 years as a meat eater. I wasn’t ready to stop at once. I started small by planning one vegetarian meal. Then I moved on to one meat-free day a week then two […]

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vegetable skewer

Eat Less Meat By Making Meat The New Side Dish

A flexitarian lifestyle is about eating less meat. By this I mean not only eating meat less often but also eating it in smaller quantities. There would be not much point in forgoing meat during the week and gorging on it at the weekend. When I’m talking about the flexitarian diet, I often hear that […]

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Mediterranean Tomato Tart

  This Summertime Mediterranean Tomato Tart is full of wonderful flavours. Very easy to make for a light lunch of dinner. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Serves 2-4 Ingredients 150g plain flour 85g unsalted butter (room temperature) salt (pinch) 2-3 tbsp water 3 large tomatoes 2 tbsp Dijon […]

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tangy vegetarian couscous

Tangy Vegetarian Couscous

  Full of flavours this tangy vegetarian couscous recipe is inspired from caponata. Lovely addition of preserved lemon. The flavours will develop over time this makes also a great left over lunch or dinner.   Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Total Time: 60 minutes Serves 4-6 Ingredients 1 large aubergine (eggplant in […]

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