pret vegan croissant

Celebrate the End of Veganuary with a FREE Vegan Croissant at Pret

pret vegan croissant

Reward yourself for completing Veganuary by enjoying a free vegan croissant at participating Pret and Veggie Pret shops across the country on Friday (31 January) between 3pm and 4pm. All you need to do is quote the secret password which will be shared on Pret’s social media channels.

The Very Berry Croissant is the latest plantbased innovation from Pret and has been a huge hit with customers since launching in early January. Pret vegan croissant is currently selling more than double the amount per day of the non-vegan jam croissant it replaced, showing that there is a growing number of customers looking for vegan alternatives.

For those who haven’t had a chance to try it, the sweet treat uses margarine and sunflower oil to re-create the buttery, light texture of a traditional croissant. The pastry is then filled with a sweet berry compote and finished with a sprinkling of sugar.

The other good news is that Pret has not only stopped charging extra for non-dairy milk alternatives, but is now also offering oat milk as an option.

To claim their freebie, customers should head to a participating Pret shop on Friday (31st January) afternoon between 3pm and 4pm, quoting the password to receive their free Very Berry Croissant. The password will be revealed on Pret’s social media accounts over the next couple of days @Pret on Twitter; Pret A Manger on Facebook and @Pret on Instagram.

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