Homemade Nutella

Do It Yourself : Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella

The quest for homemade Nutella started some time ago when my son was doing a project on orangutans in the rainforest which lead us to discuss palm oil production and its devastating effects.

Conventional palm oil production is one of the prime cause of deforestation leading to loss of habitat for orangutans who have also been known to suffer horrible mutilation injuries from farmers when trying to reclaim their territories. I am happy to relate that since January 2015, Ferrero (the makers of Nutella) are now using 100% segregated Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil certified palm oil. If you are interested in buying products made from sustainable palm oil do visit the RSPO website for more details.

After the initial excitement of “We are going to make Nutella at home” we went through a trial and error period. My judging panel was hard to please – too hard, not sweet enough, not creamy enough, too many hazelnuts ….

My quest for homemade Nutella rekindled last month as I was looking for a healthier version that the storebought alternative. Excitement filled the kitchen and four little hands instantly volunteered but I knew they would be hard to please. We started from scratch again but this time we found a formula we are all happy with! Obviously it did raise the question “now that we made healthier Nutella does this mean we can eat it everyday? 🙂 ”  . . . nice try!

I used raw cacao powder as it boosts antioxydants and magnesium. It is also unprocessed and sugar-free. You can buy it in health store (it is different from cocoa powder which you find in the baking section). If you prefer using cocoa powder, you will have to adjust the quantities.  I also added agave syrup (a natural sweetener) instead of sugar. We found that hazelnut skin did had some bitterness so we opted for blanched hazelnut instead.

You do need a fairly powerful blender as the nuts will need to be grinded to a paste. Aside from this the rest is pretty straightforward. Enjoy!


Homemade Nutella Recipe

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