How To Stay Fit For Less

How To Stay Fit For Less?

How To Stay Fit For Less

In the world of fitness trends it is expected that even more of us are looking for new and exciting ways to keep fit this year. But, just how many of us have signed up for those costly gym members only to go a few times?

The biggest challenge to our success seems to be time and money. We can almost hear you shouting “there has to be a different, fun and less expensive way to stay fit?” So, we’ve grabbed our sweat towels, donned our lycra shorts and tested out lots of different activities to bring you, our lovely readers, the top ways to stay fit this year!


Hula hoop aerobic dance (550 calories per hour)

The craze of hula hooping is still going strong and you’ll read on many fitness website that if you want to burn calories then the best way is to purchase a weighted hula hoop and just keep hooping. A weighted hula hoop is fine whilst you learn how to keep the hoop up (we’ll tell you the trick later), but if you really want to get fit hula hooping you’ve got to move your body with it. Think of hula hooping more as a dance than a static movement, you’ll get a full core workout the more you twist, stretch and wind your body along with your hoop.The trick to hula hooping is to stand with one foot in front of the other shoulder width apart. You’ll naturally find it easier to hula hoop in one direction than the other, if you want to hula hoop clockwise have your left leg in front, put your right leg in front if you will hula hoop anti-clockwise. Then, shift your body weight from foot to foot and tense those core muscles as your hula hoop circles around. Once you get a bit more advanced you can start learning tricks, here’s a link to our favourite hula hoop trickster who offers free tutorials Safire Hoop Dance’.


Kpop workouts (500 calories per hour)

If you enjoy intensive aerobic exercising and / or dancing, then Kpop dance workouts are the way to go and there are plenty available online for free at Youtube. Doing this three times a week is perfect because the high intensity songs are intermingled with calmer styles to ensure that you really get your heartbeat pumping. Our favourite channel for kpop dance workouts is ‘Kpop Motivation’ on Youtube, you might even be able to pick up some Korean too as an added bonus!


Cycling (500 calories per hour)

The newest craze hitting the gyms is virtual cycling, think spin class but with 3D video so you feel like you’re outside. That’s all very well and good, but, you know, with the right equipment you could just actually be outside! Cycling works really well with a HIIT style approach so why not spend one minute going as fast as you can and then one minute relaxed and repeat. Believe us when we say that after one hour you’re body would have had a fantastic workout!


Party Zumba (500 calories per hour)

We all know and love Zumba; since its creation in the 1990s people have been flocking to classes. The high intensity aerobic dance style mixes elements from hip-hop, samba, mambo and salsa with a big side helping of aerobic moves and squats. Perfect for a whole body blast! Now, Zumba is naturally one of those exercises styles that is more fun in a class with other people but that doesn’t mean that you have to join the gym and pay for expensive classes just grab your friends, search for “zumba” on youtube and away you go! You’ve got your own party and fitness class happening at once, and it’s free!


Stop, Drop and Betty Rock (strength training)

Betty Rocker, a Californian personal trainer has garnered a massive following since her release of the 30 day #makefatcry challenge. She has a number of different exercise and eating plans that you can follow and for a one of payment you can access them any time or day. We particularly like the 90 Challenge (for men and women) which you can do in your own living room and choose your level of fitness to suit. You’ll even get a free 8 week eating plan to best help you get fit, and most importantly, stay fit. For something a bit heavier try the Home Work Out Domination, for which you will only need a few gym items available in your house.


Buy your Own Gear and Exercise in the Comfort of your Own Home

Home Work Outs can be a really good way of staying motivated with your fitness plan. Having gym equipment at home means that you don’t have to build up the energy to trudge it down the gym when there is a massive downpour outside. If you do decide to invest in some equipment, then make sure you hunt around online for the best deal. Compare Fitness Gear is a price comparison website for fitness gear, which shows you the best price on a range of fitness gear from big pieces such as treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines to handheld equipment like kettlebells and dumbells. They also offer voucher codes so now you can afford to have your own equipment at home; making you much more likely to actually use it!


Get thrifty and find the best deal

On the other hand, if you want to stick on the gym and classes, then Money Saving Expert has a great list of gym deals to take advantage of. And, if you’re still a student, then check out Student Money Saver for discounted gym memberships and offers. They also feature discounts on protein packs and fitness accessories, so get online and see which offer motivates you!

We’d love to hear for you if you are going to try out some of these ‘stay fit for less’ options, or maybe there are other ideas that you feel like we’ve missed out, if so comment below – we make sure to read all of your suggestions.

On a final note, getting fit isn’t just made during your workout, it’s made in the kitchen so remember to eat green and clean. If you need some foodie ideas you can check out our full range of recipes online.


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