How to Turn Your Healthy & Active Lifestyle Into A Career

How to Turn Your Healthy & Active Lifestyle Into A Career

How to Turn Your Healthy & Active Lifestyle Into A Career

Turning your healthy and active lifestyle into a career could be easier than you think.

I spent the first decade on my professional life working in sales. It was not until we seriously started thinking about having kids that I realised it might be time for a change. A life of tradeshows and
on-the-road appointments did not appear to best fit family life.

At the time my husband and I were striving to have a greener lifestyle and as a result of this conversation our eco-retail website By Nature was created. Somehow it was all decided on the M40 somewhere between London and the NEC in Birmingham.

Trying to practice what we preached we set out to source to best organic and ethical products. Green living in style, no compromise, has been By Nature’s moto ever since.

My eco lifestyle took a further step when I decided to create The Flexitarian. After years of being committed carnivores, we acknowledged that to be true to our values we needed to eat less meat. I was so convinced by our new found plant-based diet that I could not think of a more exciting career add-on than a food blog focused on why and how we can all eat less meat.

Both By Nature and The Flexitarian not only fit my green and healthy lifestyle but also my busy family life. I can work from home and fit my schedule around the kids.

Since becoming a mum, I have met more and more parents who have made similar decisions. But parenthood is not the only reason for people to swap a conventional job. Other reasons may include stress, burnout and a genuine need to do something you are passionate about, rather than simply clocking the hours.

Many Careers To Choose From

If your lifestyle already revolves around health and fitness, there are many opportunities worth thinking about. From nutritionist, yoga or pilates teacher to personal trainer, what better way to spend your days that doing something you love, improving your own health, while having a rewarding career.

Of course changing career can be daunting but the advantage of these types of profession is that you can work either as an employee or freelance. For example, if you are passionate about healthy eating, studying to become a nutritionist will enable you to help others achieve balanced nutrition. You can work as easily independently, in the health service or with brands.

Gyms or private classes are best suited for fitness occupations such as yoga or pilates teachers. Personal trainers are currently in growing demand especially as consumers to leave the bigger chains for smaller, budget gyms. This handy guide explains the in and outs of becoming a personal trainer. Working in gyms or clinics you can start building a network of clients and your reputation will grow through word of mouth so that one day you might decide to launch your own business.

Getting the right training, qualifications and accreditations is paramount to any of these professions. The good news is that health and fitness qualifications are very complementary so looking forward you might also decide to diversify your services by adding further skills to your portfolio.

Whatever your age or gender, why not turn your passion for health or fitness into a rewarding career? There is so much to be gained for spending your days doing something you really care about.


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