Hummus Where the Heart Is

“Hummus Where The Heart Is” by Dunja Gulin Review + Competition + 2 Bonus Recipes

Hummus Where the Heart Is

If, like me, you are a big hummus fan then the latest cookbook from Dunja Gulin “Hummus Where The Heart Is” might just be what you have been looking for.

A staple of middle eastern cuisine, hummus is a versatile and healthy dip made in its simplest form from chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil.

Whatever the occasion, hummus is always a welcome addition to the menu; from kids parties to lunchboxes or even party buffets.
Because chickpeas are high in protein, fibre and iron, while being low in fat, hummus is a favourite with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. While you will find some variations of plain hummus in shops, this is no match for what you can do at home.

I was really excited to receive a copy of “Hummus Where The Heart Is” from Dunja Gulin. An expert in plant-based nutrition, Dunja is based in Croatia and is the author of The Vegan Pantry, The Vegan Baker and Falafel Forever among other books.

In “Hummus Where The Heart Is”, Dunja Gulin has compiled a selection of different types of hummus with her own take on classics and more unusual combinations.

The first chapter of the book is devoted to the best cooking methods for chickpeas (or beans). Cooking your own chickpeas is not only more economical than using the canned variety but it will also enhance the taste of your dips. You can of course skip this step and use canned chickpeas instead.

The rest of the cookbook is organised in 6 recipe sections

  • Chickpea Hummus (basic, curried, beetroot, onion jam, Mediterranean etc…)
  • Bean & Lentil Hummus (Caribbean-style, tofu & rice, spice lentils etc..)
  • Veggie & Nut Hummus (fermented foods, cashew & avocado, cauliflower etc…)
  • Dipper Recipes (chapatis, crackers, grissinis, vegetable crisps, pitta bread etc…)
  • Recipes To Make With Leftover Hummus (burgers, porridge, hummus bites, dressings, pizzas etc..)
  • Sweet Treats (hummus pudding, mousse, ice cream, brownies etc…)

Dunja was kind enough to share two vegan recipes from  “Hummus Where The Heart Is” with us: Mediterranean Tomato Hummus & Fermented Foods Hummus. Click on the pictures below to get the full recipes.


Mediterranean Tomato Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin

© Mediterranean Tomato Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin, picture by Mowie Kay. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Reproduced here with permission.

This Mediterranean Tomato Hummus is bursting with the delicious flavours of sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic and fresh herbs. Delicious!
Fermented Foods Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin by Dunja Gulin

© Fermented Foods Hummus [vegan] by Dunja Gulin by Dunja Gulin, picture by Mowie Kay. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Reproduced here with permission.

Fermented foods are one of the healthy food trends for 2018. They work especially well in dips. Plenty of umami here, this recipe is made with miso, fermented vegetables and kimchi.

I find cookbooks focused on variations of one dish quite useful, especially when it is a type of recipe I really love and make often. I am very impressed by the selection of recipes in “Hummus Where The Heart Is” . They are original, varied and beautifully photographed. Also the sections on dippers, leftovers and sweet treats were unexpected and have given me tons of ideas.  This is definitely the sort of cookbook filled with nutritious recipes that you keep referring to over and over again.

You can buy “Hummus Where The Heart Is” by Dunja Gulin HERE

I also have two copies of “Hummus Where The Heart Is” for grabs in the competition below. Good luck!

Notice: Thanks to Ryland Peters & Small for sending a complimentary copy of this book. I was not paid to review this book, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 



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