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Meat Eater, Veggie Or Vegan: Whatever Your Diet, Here’s How To Eat More Sustainably
Huffington Post UK – 19th October 2018

Flexitarianism: Why everyone’s trying to eat less meat, but not give it up entirely
Harpers Bazaar UK – 11th October 2018

6 Things To Explain To People Who Just Don’t Get Flexitarian Diets
Huffington Post UK – 24th July 2017

Flexitarianism – everything you need to know about the diet option
Metro – 1st January 2017


What’s a Flexitarian, and How Can You Become One?
Lifehacker UK – 31st May 2016


Meet The Blogger
BBC EasyCook – May 2016


Flexitarian – Why Being A Part-Time Vegetarian Is Still Better Than Not At All
The Debrief – 26th January 2016

Are you a flexitarian? It’s the next big thing
Homemade – 16th October 2015

Vegetarians, divided: The rise of the flexitarian
Maclean’s – 19th April 2015

Annabelle Randles: What are the benefits of being flexitarian?
Ethical – 19th January 2015

Sustainable blog of the week: The Flexitarian
The Guardian – 27th June 2014

Great British Bake Off: These vegan recipes are a piece of cake
The Independent – 13th August 2014


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