Caulifower & Red Lentil Curry [vegan]

This mild cauliflower & red lentil curry makes a quick and easy dinner that the whole family can enjoy.

The cauliflower is cooked in a tomato and coconut sauce seasoned with fragrant spices. Split red lentils bring a healthy dose of plant-based protein and dietary fibre.

I love curries throughout the year, but I find them particularly comforting at this time of the year when the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop.

Besides this cauliflower & red lentil curry, some of our favourite family recipes include this lightly spiced Sweet Potato & Lentil Curry or Cauliflower & Spinach Egg Curry

If you are looking for additional inspiration for cauliflower why not try my roasted cauliflower salad below. Served with barley, crunchy chipotle almonds, juicy pomegranate seeds and a generous amount of freshly chopped parsley it is tossed with a lemon and caper dressing. Delicious!


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