Curried Potato Salad [vegan]

This creamy and tasty curried potato salad is tossed in my vegan aquafaba mayo. This salad has a nice Indian twist and is perfect for a lunch al fresco, a picnic, BBQ or a quick buffet side dish.

My kids absolutely love this dish (even though they will always discard the spring onion which in my opinion is essential).

At this time of the year, I like to make this recipe with new potatoes but out of season you can simply use salad potatoes.

While the potatoes are cooking you can whip up a jar of my vegan mayo with aquafaba from leftover chickpea brine, oil, mustard, garlic and vinegar. So quick and straightforward! Besides this curried potato salad, we use it to accompany a plant-based burgers, fries, potatoes,  sandwiches etc…

You can of course swap for another plain mayonnaise if you prefer, but I would suggest you try my recipe first. Enjoy!

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