Energisin Smoothie With Kiss Ass Vegan Smoothie Mix [vegan] by The Flexitarian

Energising Smoothie With Kick Ass Vegan Smoothie Mix [vegan]

In need of energy?  Then this Energising Smoothie With Kick Ass Vegan Smoothie Mix is just for you!

I was sent a Kick Ass Vegan Smoothie Mix by Indigo Herbs. The blend was inspired by Taekwondo World Medalist Sam Taylor. It is a powerhouse of nutrients (spirulina, maca, chorella, banana, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheatgrass, moringa, barley grass and baobab) which you can simply add to supercharge your smoothie.

I really enjoyed the taste of the Kick Ass Vegan Smoothie Mix as the banana and baobab nicely balance the green taste of the rest of the ingredients.

I decided to blend a few of my favourite things such as blood orange, kale, kefir and lime. The result is a delicious fresh tasting smoothie that you can have for breakfast, snack  or when working out.


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