Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Bulgur Wheat and Lentil [vegan]

This vegan roasted butternut squash salad with bulgur wheat and lentil has a zingy lime and ginger dressing. Hearty and delicious, it is topped with crunchy pomegranate seeds and almonds. It doubles up as a colourful seasonal salad to brighten up your Christmas or Thanksgiving table and can be served on its own or as a side dish.

You can boil the bulgur wheat in a pan with water, but I find it easier to cook it like couscous by covering it with boiling water and let it soak until the grains are tender (when done, just drain the extra water if any). Quick and easy to prepare, bulgur wheat has a nutty flavour and satisfying texture. It is really versatile so it is a great ingredient to keep in your pantry.

I prefer using Puy lentils in salads as they hold their texture better than other lentils after being cooked. (They can be difficult to find in North America, so American and Canadian cooks, can substitute them for French green lentils).

This roasted butternut squash salad with bulgur wheat and lentil is a balanced plantbased dish with vegetables, whole grain and plant proteins.  For a vegetarian option you can also top it up with feta.

This salad can be eaten slightly warm or at room temperature.

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