Vegan Meringue Halloween Ghosts

These spooky meringue ghosts are made without eggs.

Instead I have used chickpea brine (aquafaba) drained from a can of chickpeas. When I first heard of aquafaba I was very skeptical but a few weeks ago I set off on my egg-less meringue experiment.

After a first successful trial (which I forgot to write the quantities down) there were a lot of trials and errors! In the end I found that the amount of chickpea brine vary from one can to the next, so you get more consistent results working with volume (1 part of chickpea brine for 2 parts of sugar).

How can you make meringue from chickpea brine? Simply because the juice is very high in protein and does whip up just the same than egg whites.

Why would you make meringue from chickpea brine? Apart from being vegan, these ghosts are perfect for anyone with egg allergies. Also I find that when making meringues even though I have the best intentions of using the whole eggs, I sometimes end up with yolks in my fridge that get forgotten and thrown away. Now I make a quick batch of hummus with the chickpeas!

And in case you are wondering not a hint of chickpeas, they taste like regular meringue. All you need is a good food processor to whip it all up. Happy Halloween!




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