Seasonal Recipes For May

Browse my vegetarian and vegan seasonal recipes for May. Packed with peak season produce there is no better way to celebrate the season.

With its bonanza of fresh and colourful produce, May is a welcome relief from the UK hungry gap.

This month there is plenty to look out for: asparagus, broccoli, carrot, lettuce, new potato, radish, rhubarb PLUS kiwi.

It is time to celebrate Spring with a vibrant selection of exciting flavours and colours.

Amongst the star ingredients of my vegetarian and vegan seasonal recipes for May, asparagus and rhubarb deserve a special mention.

British asparagus take centre stage of course, especially as their season is so short.

Delicious and versatile, asparagus can make the simplest of meal (blanched and drizzled with oil) or an elaborate dish paired with mushrooms, cheese or other ingredients. If you are not sure how to prepare them, read my easy guide on how to cook them.

You will also find more asparagus recipe inspiration here.

Another personal favourite is rhubarb, which you can easily grow in your back garden. Rhubarb is often associated with desserts or jams. However, it also pairs perfectly in savoury dishes and curries.

My vegetarian and vegan seasonal recipes for May are inspired by my weekly fruit and vegetable box from my local CSA. If you are not signed up for a weekly vegetable box scheme, I highly recommend you to do so. Not only is it convenient and healthy but it also supports small producers and farmers as well as local communities.

Browse my latest seasonal recipes for May