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Beyond Christmas Burger Hache

Haché Just Launched A Vegan Christmas Burger

Following the success of their other plant-based burgers, Haché has just launched a vegan Christmas burger! This festive addition is made with a Beyond meat vegan patty, panko crusted Portobello mushroom, Brussels sprouts slaw and crispy sage, served on a bed of rocket with cranberry ketchup on a toasted Ciabatta bun. I have become a […]

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Beyond Le Fume Hache

Review: Beyond Le Fumé – Haché’s New Vegan Burger

It’s fair to say that Haché knows a thing or two about burgers. The chic, Parisian-inspired restaurant prides itself on serving the most exquisite burgers in London, with or without meat. In response to the growing plant-based trend, Haché has just launched Beyond Le Fumé, taking the vegan Beyond Meat Burger to a new taste […]

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Beyond Sausage_Variety Bunsv6

Beyond Sausage ® Arrives in the UK

Beyond Meat®, maker of the Beyond Burger®, is launching the long awaited Beyond Sausage® in the UK, the first plant-based sausage designed to look, taste and sizzle just like pork. Made from a blend of simple plant-based ingredients without soy, gluten or GMOs, Beyond Sausage® is designed to offer the taste and texture of meat […]

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Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 5 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 6 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Curbing your meat habit can be very daunting. Having spent most of my life on a meat-heavy diet, it certainly did not come to me naturally. I found that going meat-free once a week is easy enough. But when I decided to step it up and go meat-free several times a week, I found myself […]

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Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches Today At Tesco Today!

Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches At Tesco Today!

What a fabulous Meat Free Monday news! Victim of its own success, The Beyond Burger®’s launch at Tesco had been delayed earlier this year because of supply issues. As of today though, you will be able to find it in the chilled meat counter aisles of more than 350 Tesco stores throughout the UK. It […]

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Vegan Beyond Burger Now Available from All Bar One

Vegan Beyond Burger Now Available from All Bar One

Eating out can be the biggest challenge for new vegans or those looking to go flexitarian. All Bar One is making it a little easier by adding the vegan Beyond Burger to its existing menu. I had a taste of the vegan Beyond Burger this Summer and it is the best plant-based burger I have eaten […]

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Sainsbury's Starts Selling Vegan Meat Alternative In Meat Aisle

Sainsbury’s Starts Selling Vegan Meat Alternative In Meat Aisle

As of today, Sainsbury’s is starting to sell vegan meat in the meat aisles of 400 stores. The plant-based mince and burgers from Danish brand Naturli’ will be the first meat alternative in the UK to be sold  alongside meat products. While many vegans and vegetarians might not be keen on visiting the meat aisles, […]

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