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Le Salin de Gruissan

Le Salin de Gruissan: Salt, Oysters and Wildlife Haven

Le Salin de Gruissan welcomes its visitors with a stunning display of pink lakes cast against a blue horizon. Each summer, salt is harvested here by hand using traditional methods. During our recent holiday in France it made for a fascinating visit for the whole family as we learned about these salt marshes and their […]

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Oh Légumes Oubliés

A Visit To – Oh Légumes Oubliés

Our summer holiday in the delightful area of Bassin d’Arcachon gave us a chance to discover the celebrated Bordeaux region of France. When it comes to gastronomy, this is a province that makes French people proud of their cuisine and tradition, while Bordeaux wines need no introduction. As we explored it was hard not to fall under the […]

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