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Pizza Hut Vegan Menu

Save 50% on Pizza Hut Restaurants’ New Vegan Menu

After selling 25,500 vegan pizzas during Veganuary, Pizza Hut Restaurants is launching a new vegan menu offering 50% off all vegan food items from 4th – 7th March 2019, redeemable via a unique code available online. Pizza Hut Restaurants’ new menu dedicated to vegans will feature five deliciously ch**sy Pizzas – the new Vegan Hot […]

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Pizza Hut Vegan Jackfruit Pizza v8

The New Pizza Hut Vegan Jackfruit Pizza

At the start of 2019, Pizza Hut Restaurants launched a new Vegan Jackfruit Pizza, the ‘Jack ‘n’ Ch**se’, pledging to make it a permanent menu item if 10,000 Vegan Pizzas were sold by the end of Veganuary. Sales were tracked via the installation of a ‘Vegan-o-meter’ on Pizza Hut Restaurant’s Twitter channel (@PizzaHutUK). Sales target […]

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