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#FeedYourHappy Organic Christmas 2017

#FeedYourHappy This Festive Season – Embrace Organic

With less than four weeks to go, the festive season is almost upon us. This year I am very glad to be supporting the #FeedYourHappy #OrganicChristmas Campaign. If you are a regular reader then you will know that I am firm believer that choosing organic food is very important to health, the environment and animal […]

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BOOM Awards 2017

BOOM Awards 2017 – Vote For Your Favourite Organic Products

If you love organic products then this is your chance to support your favourite brands and vote in the Best of Organic Market ( BOOM ) Awards, the UK’s only dedicated organic awards celebrating people and businesses working to produce the best of Organic food. BOOM Awards 2017 This year you can get involved with […]

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The Truth Behind Kids' Lunchboxes - #OutToLunchUK

The Truth Behind Kids’ Lunchboxes – #OutToLunchUK

Trying to encourage my kids to have a healthy and balanced diet, I am very often frustrated to see the poor choice on kids’ menus when we are out and about. In restaurants, we now resort to ordering from the adults’ menu. In order to avoid the sugar-laden and unhealthy pre-packaged lunch box (and if I […]

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#notinourbread - Weedkiller Found In As Much As 30% of UK Bread

#notinourbread – Weedkiller Found In As Much As 30% of UK Bread

Spraying a probable carcinogen on food crops to kill them so they can be harvested faster – it sounds ridiculous – but it’s happening all across the UK on the wheat that makes our bread, flour and other things like biscuits. It gets worse. The weed killer in question, glyphosate, was recently classified by the […]

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Let's Talk Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

It was only a matter of time but I finally said it: “Shall we drop the turkey this year?”. My husband raised an eyebrow: “really?”. “Well yes” I replied “I find it quite sinister to eat an animal whose sole purpose in life is to grace our Christmas table”. I started on my flexitarian journey […]

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