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Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 5 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Looking To Eat Less Meat? These 6 Meat Substitutes Can Help

Curbing your meat habit can be very daunting. Having spent most of my life on a meat-heavy diet, it certainly did not come to me naturally. I found that going meat-free once a week is easy enough. But when I decided to step it up and go meat-free several times a week, I found myself […]

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Tesco Vegan and Vegetarian Festive Food

Tesco Vegan and Vegetarian Festive Food

Craving a meat-free Christmas? Hosting a dinner party with veggie or vegan guests doesn’t need to be a panic-inducing ordeal. Instead, you can enjoy the season with the new range of Tesco vegan and vegetarian festive food. Tesco has not only doubled its vegan festive main dish offering but has also launched its first ever […]

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Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches Today At Tesco Today!

Sizzling & Juicy, The Beyond Burger® Launches At Tesco Today!

What a fabulous Meat Free Monday news! Victim of its own success, The Beyond Burger®’s launch at Tesco had been delayed earlier this year because of supply issues. As of today though, you will be able to find it in the chilled meat counter aisles of more than 350 Tesco stores throughout the UK. It […]

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Plastic Waste Tesco

Fed Up With Plastic Waste? You Can Now Bring Your Own Containers To Tesco’s Fresh Counters + Get Paid To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic pollution and plastic waste is a massive problem which requires everyone to make an effort to use less plastic. As highlighted in documentaries such as Blue Planet II and Drowning in Plastic, the situation is critical. Plastic waste is not only endangering our oceans, beaches, fish, wildlife but also our own health as we […]

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Oumph! Vegan Pizza

Oumph! Vegan Pizza Launching in 179 Tesco Stores

Oumph! vegan pizza is launching in 179 Tesco stores in the UK on September 16th. The Italian style pizza is topped with semi-dried tomatoes, rocket, thyme and garlic seasoned Oumph!, as well as some organic plant-based cheese. The pizza base is hand-stretched and baked in a wood-fired brick oven. The result is a truly flavoursome […]

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Tesco to Sell Perfect Green Lemons to Cut Down on Food Waste

Tesco To Sell Perfect Green Lemons To Cut Down on Food Waste

Tesco is to help prevent a potential lemon shortage by putting perfect green lemons on its supermarket shelves. This follows the move by the retailer to remove ‘best before’ dates on selected fruit and vegetable lines to avoid food being thrown out unnecessarily. Despite the skin being slightly green the fruit is still as crisp […]

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Tesco to remove ‘best before’ dates of selected fruit and vegetable lines to help cut down on food waste

Tesco Removes ‘best before’ Dates Of Selected Fruit and Vegetable Lines To Help Cut Down Food Waste

Tesco has just announced it is removing ‘Best Before’ consumption guidance dates of nearly 70 fruit and vegetable lines in its latest move to help reduce food waste. The move is being made to help prevent perfectly edible food from being thrown away. It follows a recent campaign by the National Federation of Women’s Institutes […]

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Tesco Waste Not Juices

Tesco Fights Food Waste With Waste NOT Juices

A new range of cold-pressed juices, using wonky fruit and vegetables that may otherwise have been discarded, has exclusively launched by Tesco. Aimed at tackling food waste, the Waste NOT range uses surplus apples, beetroot, strawberries and watermelon that would otherwise fall outside produce specifications. According to the retailer, the new range could save around […]

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Oumph Tesco March 2018

Tesco Launches Award-Winning Plant-Based Oumph!

As one of my favourite vegan meat products Oumph! has already been featured in The Hot List. Easy to cook, I love its texture and versatility. The meat free range is ideal for flexitarians trying to reduce their meat consumption as well as vegans and vegetarians looking to expand their plant-based options. Following its launch […]

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Wicked Kitchen Launch

Tesco Launches NEW Plant Based Range Wicked Kitchen

This Veganuary sees the launch of plant-based Wicked Kitchen at Tesco, developed in collaboration with self-confessed plant-pusher and pioneering chef, Derek Sarno.Derek has partnered with Tesco to create Wicked Kitchen – a 20-strong range of irresistible meals that have all the punch, crunch and zing to satisfy hungry bellies and demanding vegan taste buds. From […]

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