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The Hot List April 21

The Hot List : 5 to Try This April

  1. Clive’s Vegan Quiches Famous for its yummy vegan pies, Clive’s has just launched two vegan quiches: the world’s first vegan Quiche Lorraine and a comforting Creamy Cauliflower Quiche. Both have a tasty and creamy eggy quiche texture, thanks to Clive’s signature egg replacement okara, a byproduct of soy milk and tofu production. The […]

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Asda Launches 'Veelicious' - A Vegan Butcher Counter

Asda Launches ‘Veelicious’ – A Vegan Butcher Counter

As more and more people embrace flexitarianism and seek out plant-based alternative, Asda is launching ‘Veelicious’ a vegan butcher counter in its Watford store. This new concept will be trialled for six months and if successful expanded to other locations. This latest initiative comes in the footsteps of  Asda refill stations designed to cut out […]

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