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The Hot List : 5 to Try This Veganuary

Biona Oat Milk

1. Biona Oat Milk

With many dairy-free milk alternatives available in Tetra Pak’s packaging which, depending on where you live,  can be tricky to recycle, Biona has launched an organic oat drink in 100% recyclable glass bottle.

With only 4 ingredients, the plant-based milk alternative is organic, unsweetened and gluten-free – with no added stabilisers.

It has a delicious creamy taste and is perfect for cereals, porridge, smoothies, sauces or enjoyed simply on its own. While it works well with hot drinks, my preference for coffee and tea still lies with barista dairy-free alternatives though.

Verdict: ★★★★★

Price: £2.99

Get it from: and Booths stores



2. Sudachi Kombu Ponzu from The Wasabi Company

Dorset based, The Wasabi Company is the only grower of wasabi in England. They also produce a range of delicious Japanese condiments and sauces.

The latest addition to their range is a traditional ponzu sauce suitable for vegans. The peppery lime flavour of fresh sudachi juice combines with kombu seaweed stock (instead of traditional fish flakes) for a rich umami flavour.

This is a flavoursome alternative to soya sauce, that works really wells as a dip or vegan sushi.  While it adds depth to sauces, stocks and stir-fries, I also like it on salads, steam vegs or rice.

Verdict: ★★★★★

Price: £9.00

Get it from: The Wasabi Company



3. fiid

Delicious, healthy, and convenient is probably the swiftest way to describe fiid. The Irish plant-based food company offers a range of four hearty plant-based meals that take only two minutes to prepare. The products can be stored in your pantry for up to 18 months without the use of any preservatives or additives. fiid selection includes:

  • Aromatic Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry
  • Hearty Moroccan Chickpea Tagine
  • Italian Sundried Tomato & Lentil Ragu
  • Smoky Mexican Black Bean Chilli

With generous 400g portions, these pouches are great to take to work or simply to enjoy at home when you do not feel like cooking but still want to enjoy a quick and nutritious meal. It is hard to pick a favourite as they are all delicious.

On a mission to #BeBetter, fiid also partners with Scottish charity Mary’s Meals to donate one school meal to a child in the developing world for each fiid plant-based meal sold.

Verdict: ★★★★★

Price: £3.50

Get it from: Whole Foods Market and Ocado


Biona Jackfruit

4. Biona Jackfruit

Another brand new and noticeable addition to the Biona range is this organic canned jackfruit.

I love cooking with jackfruit because it is so versatile. Jackfruit is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia. It has a dense and fleshy texture with plenty of fibre. Jackfruit’s flesh has the appearance and texture of pulled pork. Cooked with spices, herbs and condiments it will absorb the flavours around it, making it a brilliant plant-based alternative to pulled pork or pulled chicken.

Biona’s jackfruit has no added flavours or preservatives and is a rich source of fibre and Vitamin C. The tin is also BPA-free. Thumbs up all around.

Verdict: ★★★★★

Price: £2.99

Get it from: Marks and Spencer stores and Ocado


Naturya Functional Blend Immunity

5. Naturya Functional Blends

Back in November, we were sent a few samples from Naturya’s range to try out. We absolutely love their superfood protein blends (especially this Organic Cacao Maca Protein Blend).

We have also been enjoying Naturya Functional Blends available in three different superfood combination to support Immunity, Energy and Cognition:

  • Immunity combines green superfoods (barley grass and chlorella) with organic, vitamin C rich fruit powders (pineapple and banana) to create a nourishing and clean immune-boosting blend.
  • Energy is a delicious blend of zingy superfoods baobab, banana, and camu camu combined with ginger to provide a refreshing energy-boosting blend.
  • Cognition contains nutrient-dense superfoods maca, cacao and lucuma mixed with date and carob for a delicious chocolate flavoured cognitive-health supporting blend.

The range is entirely organic, vegan, gluten-free, contains 100% natural ingredients and has no added sugar. Naturya Functional Blends are perfect in porridge, juices or smoothies, and are a brilliant and tasty option to boost your health during the winter month and beyond.

Verdict: ★★★★★

Price: £11.99

Get it from: Naturya

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